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1-Solicitation Packet CA-202006-C 2-Notice to Bidders- (Bid3) final (post 8.23.23) 3-Offer Form-original

1-Solicitation Packet 2-Notice to Bidders_Wheeler 3-Offer Form 1-Solicitation Packet 2-Notice To Bidders 4-Addendum No 1_Emerg Gen Install Wheeler (post revSL) 5-Addendum No 1_Notice to Bidders_Wheeler_(post revSL) 6-Notice to Bidders_Wheeler_Adden 2 (post 8.22.23) 7-Addendum No 2_Emerg Gen Install Wheeler (post 8.22.23) 8-Addm 1_Wheeler_Sect 26 32 15.00_23.08.09 Abstract of Bids (post 8.31.23)    

1-Solicitation package 2-Notice To Bidders 3-Offer Form 4-Adden No 1_Sec Grd Svs HIARNG (post 8.16.23) 5-Notice To Bidders_Addendum No. 1 (post 8.16.23 6-Adden No 2_Sec Grd Svs HIARNG (post 8.31.23) 7-Notice To Bidders_Addendum No. 2 (post 8.31.23 8-Adden No 3_CA-202316 Sec Grd Svs HIARNG (Final 9.13.23) 8-Adden No 4_CA-202316 Sec Grd Svs HIARNG (Final 9.14.23) ...
Read More CA-202316, Security Guard Services for Designated Facilities and Properties of the Hawaii Army National Guard (HIARNG), State of Hawaii, Department of Defense, Hawaii Army National Guard

1-Solicitation Packet 2-Notice to Bidders_Pearl City 3-Offer Form 4-Addendum No 1_Emerg Generator Install Pearl City (post) 5-Addendum No 1_Notice to Bidders_Pearl City (post) 7-Notice to Bidders_Pearl City Adden No 2 (post 8.22.23) 6-Addendum No 2_Emerg Generator Install Pearl City (post 8.22.23) 7 ADDENDUM 1_ 15180044_PEARL CITY_DRAWINGS_stamped (post 8.22.23) 8-Adden 2 Addm 1_Pearl City_Sect 26 32 ...
Read More CA-202004-C2, Construction of Stand-By Emergency Generator Installation for Pearl City, State of Hawai’i, Department of Defense, Hawai‘i Army National Guard

1-Solicitation Packet 2-Notice to Bidders 3-Offer Form Addendum 1 Notice to Bidders (Re-BID-Revised) Abstract of Bids_CA-202307-C CA-202307-C Award Letter F&H_Puunene Armory (eSigned)

1. Bid Solicitation Packet 2. Notice to Bidders 3. Offer Form CA202306 Addendum No1 Warehouse PPE Indust Hygien Disposal CA-202306 Abstract Sheet 001 CA-202306 Award Letter (HTM Contractors Inc) CA-202306 Notice to Proceed (HTM Contractors Inc) (2)

1-Solicitation Bid Packet 2-Notice to Bidders 3-Offer Form

Solicitation Bid packet A-Notice to Bidders B-Offer form CA-202308 Bid Abstract Sheet

SFY24 Professional Services Notice FY24 KEY Specialty Requirements-Final A2-DPW 120 Addendum No. 1 SFY24 Professional Services Notice_revised Addendum No. 2

Notice of RFP CA-202212 Request for Information packet Addendum No. 1 Addendum No. 2 Cyber Incident Response Plan outline_Add #2 Hawaii Critical lnfrastructure Security and Resilience Program_Add #2 CA-202217 Award Ltr_ReadyZoneHQ (released_post) CA-202212 Notice to Proceed (ReadyZoneHQ) eSigned