1-Solicitation Packet CA-202006-C 2-Notice to Bidders- (Bid3) final (post 8.23.23) 3-Offer Form-original Abstract of Bids_CA-202006-C Award Letter CA-20206-C-signed

1-Solicitation Packet 2-Notice to Bidders_Wheeler 3-Offer Form 1-Solicitation Packet 2-Notice To Bidders 4-Addendum No 1_Emerg Gen Install Wheeler (post revSL) 5-Addendum No 1_Notice to Bidders_Wheeler_(post revSL) 6-Notice to Bidders_Wheeler_Adden 2 (post 8.22.23) 7-Addendum No 2_Emerg Gen Install Wheeler (post 8.22.23) 8-Addm 1_Wheeler_Sect 26 32 15.00_23.08.09 Abstract of Bids (post 8.31.23)    

Addendum 1 Prof Svc Ad FY23_Final_R1 Prof Svc Ad FY23 A2-DPW 120

G1-Award Letter 1 – Notice 2 – RFP CA-202202 3 – Offer Form Addendum 1_Final Addendum 1 OFFER FORM, OF-2 Addendum 2_Final

State Contracting Training: Part 1

Posted on Mar 5, 2017 in Training

State Contracting Training Part 2

Posted on Mar 5, 2017 in Training