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C-Notice Scanned Bid Doc package Atch 1 Bldg. A Ground Floor and Reflected Ceiling Plans Atch 2 plans, reports, photos Addendum 1 Addendum 1 Scope Of Work Specifications Addendum 1 Pre-Bid Attendance List B1-Award Letter    

CA-1603 Bid Documents B046 HVAC Replacement SOW EMCS Specifications HIARNG ENV_Contractor Reqmts_151208_pdf 15110011 B046 Renovation HAZMAT_040612 pt1 15110011 B046 Renovation HAZMAT_040612 pt2 15110011 B046 Renovation HAZMAT_040612 pt3 15140054-Reroof-Report-HazMat-2015Feb17 15140054-Reroof-Report-HazMat-2015Feb17_pg149-151 1 A100-A230 4- MECH rev1 6-E rev1 A1-1of4-Exterior Elevations, Window Types & Details A4-4of4-Floor Plans A6-18of94-First, Second & Third Floor Demo Plans Bldg46_A-1-0-1stFloorPlan BLDG46-CablePath E4-24of27-Electrical Plans ...
Read More CANCELLED. CA-1603 HVAC Replacement, Building 46, Kalaeloa, State of Hawaii, Department of Defense, Hawaii Army National Guard

CA-1516-C Bid Documents Completed Final Plans 4-14-16 Completed Final Specs 4-14-16 Award letter    

Award of Contract  

CA-1502-C Building 300A Renovations – Bid Documents DOD HIARNG 300A PM 03 21 16 DOD HIARNG Bldg 300A 100% Add Drawings Addendum #1 CA-1502-C Award letter      

CA-1419-C Roof Repair, Replacement for B1784, 1785 & 1788, Kalaeloa, Bid Packet HIARNG REROOF BLDG 1784 – 100% FINAL DRAWING SET HIARNG REROOF BLDG 1784 – SPECIFICATIONS HIARNG REROOF BLDGS 1785 & 1788 – 100% FINAL DRAWING SET HIARNG REROOF BLDGS 1785 & 1788 – SPECIFICATIONS CA-1419-C Award Letter      

CA-1425-C1 Window System Replacement B117, Bravo Co, Kalaeloa, Bid Documents B117_DWGS Group 1 Bravo 117 Final B117_PM Group 1 Bravo 117 Final Addendum #1 B1- Award letter