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C-Notice – Const Bid Document Package HIARNG B621 Specifications HIARNG B621Drawings Addendum #1 Abstract of Bids Signed Award Letter

D1-Award Letter  

CA-1904 – Signed Award Letter  

D1-Award Letter  

D1-Award letter

D1-Signed award letter Contract Closeout Notice-signed

C-Notice – G&S Bid Packet Award Letter

A2-Prof Svc Ad FY20

C-Notice – G&S Bid document package Addendum 1 B5-signed award letter Contract Completion Notice, CA-1902 YCA Furnish Prepared Meals    

  C-Notice – G&S CA-1901 Bid Documents Addendum 1 Award letter CA-1901, Notice of Contract Completion, Inter-Island Bomb Squad Vehicles