Fusion Analyst Craftsman, DAFSC 1N471B, POSNR 0875908, 201st Intelligence Squadron (201 IS), Hawaii Air National Guard, Hawaii. Open to present enlisted members. E6 thru E7 of the Hawaii Air National Guard. FY14-037-AGR-AIR; Fusion Analyst Cman – 201 IS

Fighter Pilot, DAFSC 11F3J, POSNR 0891995, 199th Fighter Squadron (FS), Hawaii Air National Guard, Joint Base Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Open to: 1st Recruitment Area – Present officer members, O3 – O5, of the Armed Forces within the State of Hawaii. 2nd Recruitment area – Present officer members, O3 – O5, of the Armed Forces, nationwide ...
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Administrative Officer, DAFSC 97E0, POSNR 0076100134, Joint Force Headquarters (JFHQ), Hawaii Air National Guard, Honoulu, Hawaii. Open to on board AGR officer members O5 (eligible for promotion by JVA closing date) thru O6 of the Hawaii Air National Guard excluding members assigned to a fenced program element code (PEC). FY14-036-AGR-AIR-Administrative Officer (JFHQ)