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National Guard Technician Branch

This page provides essential information, forms and reference materials for Federal Technicians.

National Guard Technicians of the Army and Air National Guard represent an essential part of the federal workforce. Federal employees provide the day-to-day continuity in the operation and training of Army and Air National Guard unit members.

The National Guard workforce is comprised of military technicians, competitive technicians and Active Guard Reserve (AGRs). Military technicians are required to maintain military membership in the National Guard in order to retain employment. Military technicians perform full-time work in their units, perform military training and duty in their units and are available to enter active military service at any time their unit is called to active duty.

The state Adjutant Generals, subject to federal regulations, are the designated employer of technicians. The Department of Defense, the Army and the Air Force, and the National Guard Bureau all oversee dual-status technicians.

GS Pay Scale 2020 Yearly: OPM 2020 GS table yearly

GS Pay Scale 2020 Hourly: OPM 2020 GS table hourly

WG Pay Scale: Find the most current WG pay scale information:
Find the most current GS & WG pay scale information visit: OPM Salaries-Wages 
Book Appointments
DEERS Appointment Kalaeloa
DEERS Appointment Hilo
Technician Personnel Regulations and Supplement
Technician Handbook 2017 – HR Guide
POSITION DESCRIPTIONS: How to Find your Position Description(PD)


Welcome to the Hawaii National Guard Full-Time Force!

This page provides essential information, forms, contacts and reference materials to help you start a great career. Here you will find various resources to help you begin your in-processing.

Here is what you need to know as a Newly Appointed Employee:

As a newly appointed employee, you are required to attend a one day New Employee Orientation (NEO) on the first day you report. NEO is held the Monday after a new pay period at the Human Resource Office unless told otherwise. We will start promptly at 0830 because of the amount of information needed to cover.

Technician Work Attire

  • Duty Uniforms will be issued in accordance with appropriate service regulations
  • Required rank insignia, name, service and organizational patches will be worn correctly
  • Title 5 NG Employee Dress Code (T5 Dress Code Policy 17 JUL 18)
Click on the icon below for more information on New Employment Orientation!

1_HRO In-Processing Slides without PFC as of 20201007
New Employee Orientation



Army Benefits Center- Civilian (ABC-C)!

The Army Benefits Center-Civilian website is where you can find out more information about technician benefits including Health insurance, Injury Compensation, Life Insurance, Retirement, Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), and Unemployment Compensation. This website also includes the Government Retirement and Benefits Platform (GRB).

Government Retirement and Benefits Platform (GRB)

The Government Retirement and Benefits Platform (GRB) is where technicians can view or change their FEHB (Federal Employees Health Benefit), TSP (Thrift Savings Plan), or FEGLI (Federal Employees Group Life Insurance). Here you can also access various calculators for retirement, TSP, and severance pay due to involuntary separation.

Employee Benefits Automated Tracking System (EBATS)

The Employee Benefits Automated Tracking System (EBATS) is where technicians can check on the status of their cases with ABC-C.

Additional Information:

Law Enforcement Leave for State Active Duty

Buy Back Post 56 FERS – Steps of Military Buy Back



Employment Verification is now available thru My Biz for employees! (CURRENT TECHNICIANS)
Employment Verification is a Self Service My Biz tool allowing employees to email employment and/or salary information to an external organization (business, bank, credit union) directly from the Defense Civilian Personnel Data System (DCPDS) – via secure internet!

Employment Verification allows employees to securely and conveniently provide proof of their employment and/or salary to an external organization or person. It’s quick and easy – have the organizations or recipients email address on hand, and log into My Biz, select Employment Verification, and then Details to Share. Details to Share include two secure choices of information to send:

  • “Employment Information”, provides Employee Name, Current Date, Job, Organization, Last 4 of SSN, Employment Status, Employment dates, and Rate of Pay
  • “Employment and Salary Information”, provides the same employment information above, plus total salary.
To email Employment Verification information to an external organization:
Employment Verification is the employee’s secure choice for quick verification of employment and/or salary information!

  1. Log into the DCPDS PORTAL
  2. Select, My Biz, Employment Verification
  3. Select your Details to Share, either  Employment Information, or Employment and Salary Information
  4. Enter Recipient Email Information
  5. Enter (verify) your work email address is included in Recipient Information ‘CC’ field to receive a copy of Employment Verification email
  6. Select Continue to ‘Acknowledge and Submit’ to send your EV information.
Employment Verification (FORMER TECHNICIANS):
Employment Verification for members no longer employed with Hawaii National Guard must get their records from the National Archives:

  • Online request for employment verification or documents take about 10 days to process, you will receive your documents via fax or postal mail.
Emergency Request to National Archives by phone:
Emergency request available to get documents for verification of employment.

Same day service: 314-801-0800, but may have to wait a while on hold.

  • Loan applicants
  • Funerals
  • Surgery
  • Natural Disasters

Verification-of-Employment Flow Chart
Verification-of-Employment Example


The eOPF allows each employee to have an electronic personnel folder instead of a paper folder!
electronic Personnel Folder (eOPF) – via secure internet!

Benefits of the eOPF include:

  • Immediate access to personnel forms and information for a geographically dispersed workforce.
  • Multi-level secure environment with security rules for sensitive information.
  • No loss of official personnel documents due to filing and routing errors.
  • Reduced cost associated with storage, maintenance, and retrieval of records.
  • Electronic transfer of human resources (HR) data.
  • Integration with agency’s human resources information systems (HRIS).
  • Compliance with OPM and federally mandated HR employee record management regulations.

How to access your eOPF:

  • Go to
  • Click “Request your eOPF ID”.
  • Enter your personal information, you should get an automated email.
  • Once you get the email, click “Request your eOPF Password.”
  • Enter more personal information, to include your eOPF ID.
  • After your receive the password, you will able to log in and access your eOPF.

If further assistance is needed logging into eOPF, please send email to: [email protected] or call 866-275-8518.

Before separating or leaving your federal technician position download a copy of your own eOPF!


Pay & Leave

Prohibited Extensions of Title 32 Orders for use of Leave CNGBI 1100.01  08 Apr 2013
National Guard Bureau Absence, Leave, and Overtime Program For Title 5 Civilian Personnel CNGBI 1102.01 18 Jul 2018
National Guard Technician Absence and Leave Program CNGBI 1400.25 Vol 630 06 Aug 2018

Advance Annual Leave Guidance

Reference CNGBI 1400.25 Volume 630 Leave and Absences dated 6 August 2018, Enclosure B (6)

  • TAG’s discretion to advance annual leave to an employee
  • Not to exceed amount of leave the employee would accrue within the leave year
  • Will not be approved if it is know (or reasonably expected) that the employee will not return to duty (i.e.-disability retirement)
  • Employees who separate from service are required to refund the amount of advanced leave that is not paid back
  • Employees pending separation will not be advanced leave which exceeds the amount that can be repaid by accrual before their date of separation
  • Advanced Annual Leave Requests Forms must be signed by supervisor and emailed to: [email protected] final HRO approval
  • Employee cannot be coded for advanced annual leave in ATAAPS until HRO approval

Advanced Annual Leave Request Form

Point of contact: HRO Benefits Section

Personal LWOP (Leave Without Pay)

  • You can take personal LWOP for various reasons.
  • It must be approved by your supervisor and chain of command. They will initiate a request for personnel action in DCPDS for your Leave Without Pay – Personal (NOAC, Notification of Action Code 460).
  • While on an LWOP status it will affect your FEHB, TSP, and possible your other employee benefits.
  • In ATTAPS you shall be coded as “KA” LWOP (Personal leave).
  • If you have a TSP loan, please fill out the TSP 41 form.

Please see the links below for more information.

TSP Loans: Non-pay Status
What is a non-pay status? 
Effects of a non-pay status on your TSP Account
LWOP and Insufficient Pay


Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (FECA) passed in 1916
Provides compensation to civilian employees of he US for disability due to personal injury or disease sustained in the performance of duty.

Provides benefits to dependents if a work-related injury or disease causes death.

Funded through agency charge-backs.

Log on to for more information about FECA.

FECA Overview
FECA is adminstered by the Office of Worker’s Compensation Programs (OWCP), U. S. Department of Labor. Each employing agency is serviced by a District Office; Hawaii is serviced by the San Francisco District Office (#13).

Individual cases are protected under the Privacy Act. Only employee, approved representative and agency may have access to information concerning compensation claim.

HIPAA does not apply to OWCP or employing agencies as it relates to information concerning the compensation claim.

No one may require an employee or other claimant to waive his/her right to claim benefits.

FECA is a non-adversial system. Disputes under FECA are resolved through informal conferences or formal reconsideration at the district office level, through administrative hearings, or review by the independent Employees’ Compensation Appeals Board whose decision is final.

Benefits provided under FECA constitute the sole remedy against the United States for work-related injury or death. A Federal Employee of surviving dependent is not entitled to sue the United States or recover damages for such injury or death under any other law.

Click Here to Learn More
OWCP Form Titles & Descriptions
CA-1 Federal Employee’s Notice of Truamatic Injury and Claim for Continuation of Pay/Compensation*
CA-2 Notice of Occupational Disease and Claim for Compensation*
CA-2a Notice of Recurrence
CA-7 Claim for Compensation
CA-7a Time Analysis Form
CA-7b Leave Buy Back Worksheet
CA-10 What A Federal Employee Should Do When Injured At Work
CA-17 Duty Status Report
CA-20 Attending Physician’s Report
CA-35 Evidence Required in Support of a Claim for Occupational Disease
OWCP Training and Resources
Supervisors ECOMP OWCP checklist_2015 JUN 8
ECOMP Supervisor Training_2015 JUN 8
Employee QuickReference ECOMP Process_2015 JUN 8
ECOMP Employee training_2015 JUN 8
ECOMP System Requirements
OWCP Overview_Supervisor Training
Continuation of Pay_Supervisor Training
Points of Contact
Injury Compensation Program Administrator (ICPA)

Human Resources Specialist (Employee Benefits)

Joint Forces Headquarters, Hawaii National Guard (HRO-M)

Workers’ Comp Claims Voice (808) 672-1238

HRO Customer Service Voice (808) 672-1234

HRO Fax (808) 672-1225


Primary POC: Mrs. Noelani De Silva [email protected] (808) 672-1231
Secondary POC: CMSgt Carol Orr [email protected] (808) 672-1888


Hawaii Contact Information

Kristina L. Donato Volunteer Support Technician 91-1227 Enterprise Ave Bldg 1784, Room 105-B
Kapolei HI 96707
[email protected]

Samuel K. P. Wong Program Support Specialist 91-1227 Enterprise Ave Bldg 1784, Room 105-C
Kapolei HI 96707
[email protected]

(USERRA 38 U.S.C. 4301-4335)

Checklist for AB-US and RTD: (turn in to HRO with orders)

Informational Briefs and Material:


Register for the next USERRA Briefing with our Benefits Team!

This training will be conducted virtually via Microsoft Teams.


16 February 21 Time: 1330
1, 16, 29 March 21 Time: 1330
12, 26 April 21 Time: 1330
10, 24 May 21 Time: 1330
7, 21 June 21 Time: 1330
6, 19 July 21 Time: 1330
2, 16 August 21 Time: 1330
13, 17 September 21 Time: 1330
12, 25 October 21 Time: 1330

USERRA Briefing

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.


CSRS Overview_ABC-C_10172014
NGB FERS Overview_ABC-C_10152014
Retirement InformationPlanning for Retirement

Retirement Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS / CSRS Offset)

Pre-Retirement Benefits Overview DCS Schedules

Retirement Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS)

How to Request a Retirement Estimate

FERS Retirement Overview Brief

Creditable Civilian Service

Deposit and Redeposit Service

Military Buyback Post-56 Deposit

Eligibility For Retirement

Disability Retirement

Retirement Forms

CSRS/CSRS Offset Retirement Forms

FERS Retirement Forms

General Retirement Forms

Disability Retirement Forms

Retirement Forms Preparation Briefs

Healthy Retirement Packet


2020 Healthy Packets

Retirement POC:
Mrs. Noelani DE Silva [email protected] 808-672-1231


MyPerformance Training

DPMAP Training

Selection Board Training

The purpose of convening a selection panel for HING (AGR & Federal Technician) hiring boards is to create an impartial panel to fairly and thoroughly examine an applicant’s credentials. The selection panel is required to determine the “best qualified” applicant for an authorized vacancy within the HING. Complete their packets before the suspense date given to you by HRO; Board panel members must attend board training every 3 years.

Note: We no longer offer the Mobile Option. Please plan accordingly and come to the scheduled Board Training. (Dates are listed below.) You may contact HRO for a roster of individuals qualified to sit on your board or to be a Board Recorder.

25 November 2020 (1030)

30 December 2020 (1030)

26 May 2021 (1030)
27 January 2021 (1030) 30 June 2021 (1030)
24 February 2021 (1030) 28 July 2021 (1030)
31 March 2021 (1030) 25 August 2021 (1030)
28 April 2021 (1030) 29 September 2021 (1030)

CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW to sign up for the next upcoming class!

Click the “Learn More” icon for more useful resources and information about Selection Board Training.


CLICK ON THE LINK BELOW to sign up for the next upcoming Technician Personnel Management Course (TPMC)!

TPR 451 – Awards Program Hawaii National Guard


TPR 430 – National Guard Technician Performance Appraisal Program

Appendix B – Guidelines for Appraising

Appendix A Performance – Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)

Instructions on MyPerformance:

How To Guide for PAA – Employee MY BIZ -Gives detailed instructions for employee MyBiz portion of PAA

How To Guide for PAA – Rating Official My Workplace -Gives detailed instructions to supervisors and managers for My Workplace option of PAA.

HLR how to guide -Gives detailed instructions to higher level rating official for My Workplace option of PAA.

Introducing the NG PAA – Employee -A powerpoint presentation of screenshots from the Performance Appraisal Application in DCPDS for the employee.

Introducing the NG PAA – Rating Official and Higher Level Reviewer (HLR) -A powerpoint presentation of screenshots from the Performance Appraisal Application in DCPDS for the rating official and higher level reviewer (HLR).

WRITING EFFECTIVE CRITICAL ELEMENTS (JOB OBJECTIVES) – A guide to writing job objectives (formerly referred to as “critical elements”) with explanations and examples of the SMART and MARST formats. Generally SMART is used for GS and MARST used for WG.

WRITING EFFECTIVE SELF ASSESSMENTS – Helpful-Hints – Things to Do/Not to Do