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Hawaii Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Resources
There are many opportunities to continue your military service as an Active Guard Reservist.  Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Soldiers serve in the military reserves but are full-time and have the same benefits as Active Duty Soldiers.

The AGR refers to the military program of the Army and Air Force which places Army National Guard and Army Reserve soldiers and Air National Guard and Air Force Reserve airmen on federal active duty status under Title 10 U.S.C., or full-time National Guard duty under Title 32 U.S.C. 502(f) for a period of 180 consecutive days or greater in order to provide full-time support to National Guard and Reserve organizations for the purpose of leading, organizing, administering, recruiting, instructing, or training the Reserve Components according to Subsection 101(d)(6).



Transitioning  from Federal Technician status to AGR status:

If you are a current Federal technician with HIARNG, close-out your Technician status as soon as possible. Please see the below link for more information on USERRA.

The USERRA checklist will guide what items you need to complete and turn-in.

Complete the applicable forms and turn them into your supervisor to initiate your AB-US RPA. Reach out to Benefits section HRO Tech – SFC DeSilva, at 672-1231 if you need assistance on this matter.

You need to close-out your technician status before we can access you into the AGR program.

HRO AGR Manager POC:
LTC James J. Kanoholani [email protected] 808-672-1312
MSG Hazel Donato [email protected] 808-844-6013
SMSgt Shane Gaines [email protected] 808-672-1235
SFC Minerva Manuel [email protected] 808-672-1314
SSgt Jenalyn Arnold [email protected]/[email protected] 808-672-1236



The purpose of convening a selection panel for HING (AGR & Federal Technician)  hiring boards is to create an impartial panel to fairly and thoroughly examine an applicant’s credentials. The selection panel is required to determine the “best qualified” applicant for an authorized vacancy within the HING. Complete their packets before the suspense date given to you by HRO; Board panel members must attend board training annually.

Note: We no longer offer the Mobile Option. Please plan accordingly and come to the scheduled Board Training. (Dates are listed below.)

Policy Letters

Enclosures to Equal Employment Opportunity and Interviewing Practices, Enclosures 1-3 Interviewing Practices
Equal Employment Opportunity and Interviewing Practices, 25 OCT 17
Fiscal Year 2018 HING HRO Full-Time Selection Board Training, 29 NOV 17
Fiscal Year 2019 HING HRO Full-Time Selection
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You may also contact HRO for a roster of individuals qualified to sit on your board or to be a Board Recorder.

Human Resources Assistant :  (808) 672-1234

Labor Relations Specialist: Mr. Yim (808) 672-1555

Useful Resources

Master HIHRO Board Training (BLENDED) v11 (23 JUL 18)
Board Recorder Checklist  (Applies to Federal Technician and Air AGR)
Composition of the Selection Board
5 Mandatory Questions


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Be a Certified Instructor! Train-the-Instructor Option

Criteria for eligibility: Must have had to be a part of three selection boards to be considered. If you meet the requirements, the trainee will then be required to attend three classes with the Selection Board Training Team. Attendance does not have to be consecutively attended. The 3rd session, the trainee will be expected to be the lead instructor before becoming a certified Instructor. Once you complete this, you’d be certified to give the training!

How to Conduct a Successful Interview

Practical Guide to Structures Interviews 
How to Conduct a Successful Interview
Tips to interviewing for the Selecting Official
Example Question and Rating Sheet
Structured Interview Power point
Webcast on how to conduct a successful interview (See Below)