Aloha and Welcome to the HING Human Resources Office!


MISSION STATEMENT: The Human Resources Office (HRO) is a consolidated office that provides personnel, workforce management, and administrative support service for federal full-time personnel programs. The office serves as The Adjutant General’s single point of control for managing and administering the Hawaii Army National Guard and the Hawaii Air National Guard full-time personnel programs

The HRO serves over 1,200 Full Time Air and Army National Guard employees throughout the state of Hawaii.


Human Resources Office FAQ

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Verification of Employment.

How to get employment information for current and previous employees. Who and where to contact.

Law Enforcement Leave and State Active Duty (SAD).

Information of using law enforcement leave for State Active Duty. Click the link above to learn more!

Law Enforcement Leave is not a “dual compensation” leave.  Any employee will not be authorized to retain both military and civilian pay.

Two basic rules apply:

(1)  If the military pay is greater than the technician pay, then no technician pay would be due.

(2) If the military pay is less than the technician pay, then the difference between the two is paid on the technician payroll.

Title 32 to Title 5 Conversion

Title 5 CAC troubleshooting and Conversion FAQ.



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