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This page provides essential information, forms, contacts and reference materials for Federal Technicians.

National Guard Technicians of the Army and Air National Guard represent an essential part of the federal workforce. Federal employees provide the day-to-day continuity in the operation and training of Army and Air National Guard unit members.

The National Guard workforce is comprised of military technicians, competitive technicians and Active Guard Reserve (AGRs). Military technicians are required to maintain military membership in the National Guard in order to retain employment. Military technicians perform full-time work in their units, perform military training and duty in their units and are available to enter active military service at any time their unit is called to active duty.

The state Adjutant Generals, subject to federal regulations, are the designated employer of technicians. The Department of Defense, the Army and the Air Force, and the National Guard Bureau all oversee dual-status technicians.

HING 2020 Work Schedules:
GS Pay Scale 2020 Yearly: OPM 2020 GS table yearly

GS Pay Scale 2020 Hourly: OPM 2020 GS table hourly

WG Pay Scale: Find the most current WG pay scale information:
Find the most current GS & WG pay scale information visit: OPM Salaries-Wages 
USERRA (Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994)

(USERRA 38 U.S.C. 4301-4335)

Book Appointments
DEERS Appointment Kalaeloa
DEERS Appointment Hilo
Technician Personnel Regulations and Supplement
Technician Handbook 2017 – HR Guide
Hawaii Guard Ohana Resource Sheet as of AUG 2018



The Command Leadership and Staff Assignment (CLASP) wavier is used to grant a wavier for dual-status technicians who are assigned to Full-Time Support positions during their Inactive Duty Training (IDT) while working as a technician.

Per TPR 303: Federal Technicians in a command, leadership, or specific unit assignment require the Command, Leadership, and Staff Assignment Program (CLASP) memorandum.

TAG approved CLASP memorandums are auditable items for the HRO and must be archived beyond the actual period of the technician’s actual CLASP assignment.

TAG has the authority to approve command, MOS, and unit of assignment exceptions for the following assignments: Brigade, battalion, company command, headquarters commandant, platoon leaders, command sergeant major, first sergeant, and non-deployable staff positions (i.e. G1, G2, S1, S2, Asst S4, Asst S3, etc).

  1. The CLASP Waiver Memorandum must be filled out before taking a command, leadership, or specific unit assignment that requires waiver.
    AIR Example CLASP TBP
    ARMY Example CLASP Memo

2. Send the CLASP Waiver to the HRO Personnel Support. HRO will then route your memorandum to the TAG for signature. You will receive a signed copy for your records. Remember this is an auditable item, so please follow up with the HRO Personnel Support team for your signed CLASP Waiver.



Employment Verification is now available thru My Biz for employees!
Employment Verification is a Self Service My Biz tool allowing employees to email employment and/or salary information to an external organization (business, bank, credit union) directly from the Defense Civilian Personnel Data System (DCPDS) – via secure internet!

Employment Verification allows employees to securely and conveniently provide proof of their employment and/or salary to an external organization or person. It’s quick and easy – have the organizations or recipients email address on hand, and log into My Biz, select Employment Verification, and then Details to Share. Details to Share include two secure choices of information to send:

  • “Employment Information”, provides Employee Name, Current Date, Job, Organization, Last 4 of SSN, Employment Status, Employment dates, and Rate of Pay
  • “Employment and Salary Information”, provides the same employment information above, plus total salary.
To email Employment Verification information to an external organization:
Employment Verification is the employee’s secure choice for quick verification of employment and/or salary information!

  1. Log into the DCPDS PORTAL
  2. Select, My Biz, Employment Verification
  3. Select your Details to Share, either  Employment Information, or
  • Employment and Salary Information
  1. Enter Recipient Email Information
  2. Enter (verify) your work email address is included in Recipient Information ‘CC’ field to receive a copy of Employment Verification email
  3. Select Continue to ‘Acknowledge and Submit’ to send your EV information.
Verification-of-Employment Flow Chart Verification-of-Employment Example


Army Benefits Center- Civilian (ABC-C)

The Army Benefits Center-Civilian website is where you can find out more information about technician benefits including Health insurance, Injury Compensation, Life Insurance, Retirement, Thrift Savings Plan (TSP), and Unemployment Compensation. This website also includes

Employee Benefits Information System (EBIS)

The Employee Benefits Information System website is where technicians can view or change their FEHB (Federal Employees Health Benefit), TSP (Thrift Savings Plan), or FEGLI (Federal Employees Group Life Insurance). Here you can also various calculators for retirement, TSP, and severance pay due to involuntary separation.


Welcome to the Hawaii National Guard Full-Time Force!

This page provides essential information, forms, contacts and reference materials to help you start a great career. Here you will find various resources to help you begin your in-processing.

Here is what you need to know as a Newly Appointed Employee:

As a newly appointed employee, you are required to attend a one day New Employee Orientation (NEO) on the first day you report. NEO is held the Monday after a new pay period at the Human Resource Office unless told otherwise. We will start promptly at 0830 because of the amount of information needed to cover.

Technician Work Attire

  • Duty Uniforms will be issued in accordance with appropriate service regulations
  • Required rank insignia, name, service and organizational patches will be worn correctly
  • Title 5 NG Employee Dress Code (T5 Dress Code Policy 17 JUL 18)
Click on the icon below for more information on New Employment Orientation!

New Employee Orientation


Click on the “Learn More” drop down icon to submit your inquiry.  

If you are experiencing issues when submitting your inquiry, please clear your browsing history and clear the SSL state on your computer.

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  • Select One
  • Select One
  • The Federal Government employs permanent and temporary employees. Permanent employees are generally hired under a career-conditional appointment (Permanent - Career-Conditional Appointment). Normally this is the first career-type of appointment and the appointee must complete a 1-year probationary period and a total of 3 years continuous creditable service to attain a career appointment (Permanent - Career Appointment). Temporary appointments are defined as appointments expected to last for a specified period not to exceed 1 year (Temporary Appointment - Time limited not to exceed 1 year but could be less) or a specified period of time that is at least more than 1-year but not to exceed 4 years (Term Appointment - Time limited more than one year but not more than 4 years). Neither type of appointment is a permanent one, so they do not give the employee competitive/permanent status.
  • Provide an alternate phone number to best contact you.
  • Select one and add a description below.
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Date Format: MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Drop files here or
    Upload additonal supporting documents.



Pay & Leave

Prohibited Extensions of Title 32 Orders for use of Leave CNGBI 1100.01  08 Apr 2013
National Guard Bureau Absence, Leave, and Overtime Program For Title 5 Civilian Personnel CNGBI 1102.01 18 Jul 2018
National Guard Technician Absence and Leave Program CNGBI 1400.25 Vol 630 06 Aug 2018

Advance Annual Leave Guidance

Reference CNGBI 1400.25 Volume 630 Leave and Absences dated 6 August 2018, Enclosure B (6)

  • TAG’s discretion to advance annual leave to an employee
  • Not to exceed amount of leave the employee would accrue within the leave year
  • Will not be approved if it is know (or reasonably expected) that the employee will not return to duty (i.e.-disability retirement)
  • Employees who separate from service are required to refund the amount of advanced leave that is not paid back
  • Employees pending separation will not be advanced leave which exceeds the amount that can be repaid by accrual before their date of separation
  • Advanced Annual Leave Requests Forms must be signed by supervisor and emailed to: [email protected] final HRO approval
  • Employee cannot be coded for advanced annual leave in ATAAPS until HRO approval

Advanced Annual Leave Request Form

Point of contact: HRO Benefits Section

Personal LWOP (Leave Without Pay)

  • You can take personal LWOP for various reasons.
  • It must be approved by your supervisor and chain of command. They will initiate a request for personnel action in DCPDS for your Leave Without Pay – Personal (NOAC, Notification of Action Code 460).
  • While on an LWOP status it will affect your FEHB, TSP, and possible your other employee benefits.
  • In ATTAPS you shall be coded as “KA” LWOP (Personal leave).
  • If you have a TSP loan, please fill out the TSP 41 form.

Please see the links below for more information.

TSP Loans: Non-pay Status
What is a non-pay status? 
Effects of a non-pay status on your TSP Account
LWOP and Insufficient Pay
USERRA (Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994)

Hawaii Contact Information

Kristina L. Donato Volunteer Support Technician 91-1227 Enterprise Ave Bldg 1784, Room 105-B Kapolei HI 96707 808-672-1249 [email protected]

Samuel K. P. Wong Program Support Specialist 91-1227 Enterprise Ave Bldg 1784, Room 105-C Kapolei HI 96707 808-672-1246 [email protected]

(USERRA 38 U.S.C. 4301-4335)



The purpose of convening a selection panel for HING (AGR & Federal Technician)  hiring boards is to create an impartial panel to fairly and thoroughly examine an applicant’s credentials. The selection panel is required to determine the “best qualified” applicant for an authorized vacancy within the HING. Complete their packets before the suspense date given to you by HRO; Board panel members must attend board training every 3 years.

Note: We no longer offer the Mobile Option. Please plan accordingly and come to the scheduled Board Training. (Dates are listed below.) You may contact HRO for a roster of individuals qualified to sit on your board or to be a Board Recorder.

18 December 2019 (0900) 27 May 2020 (0900)
29 January 2020 (0900) 24 June 2020 (0900)
26 February 2020 (0900) 29 July 2020 (0900)
25 March 2020 (0900) 26 August 2020 (0900)
29 April 2020 (0900) 30 September 2020

Fill out form below to sign up for the course!


  • EX: Army: 42A Air: 11FXJ
    Location will be at 3949 Diamond Head Road, Room TBA Bldg 306. Class is approx. 60-80 min. (Dependent on class size)

Useful Resources

5 Mandatory Questions

Board Recorder Checklist  (Applies to both the Federal Technicians and Air AGRs.)

Composition of the Selection Board

Example of a Communication Log

A Guide for Supervisors Effective Interviewing Techniques January 2018

Selection Board Training Presentation as of 20200107



Merit Placement Plan 2018


Policy Letters

Enclosures to Equal Employment Opportunity and Interviewing Practices, Enclosures 1-3 Interviewing Practices
Equal Employment Opportunity and Interviewing Practices, 25 OCT 17
Fiscal Year 2018 HING HRO Full-Time Selection Board Training, 29 NOV 17
Fiscal Year 2019 HING HRO Full-Time Selection


Labor Relations Specialist: Mr. Yim (808) 672-1555

Deputy Human Resources Officer: Ms. Salvador (808) 672-1228

Click the “Learn More” icon for more useful resources and information about Selection Board Training.

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Be a Certified Instructor! Train-the-Instructor Option

Criteria for eligibility: Must have had to be a part of three selection boards to be considered. If you meet the requirements, the trainee will then be required to attend three classes with the Selection Board Training Team. Attendance does not have to be consecutively attended. The 3rd session, the trainee will be expected to be the lead instructor before becoming a certified Instructor. Once you complete this, you’d be certified to give the training!

POSITION DESCRIPTIONS: How to Find your Position Description(PD)

How to Conduct a Successful Interview

Practical Guide to Structures Interviews 
How to Conduct a Successful Interview
Tips to interviewing for the Selecting Official
Example Question and Rating Sheet
Structured Interview Power point
Webcast on how to conduct a successful interview (See link below)


Which regulation governs the conduct of the hiring board? For Army AGRs, NGR 600-5, paragraph 2-5 and AR 135-18, paragraph 2-4. Air AGR reference ANGI 36-101, chapter 4 and Merit Placement Plan.
Can the board select other than the number 1 applicant (highest score)? Yes, submit justification as to why the person who scored the highest would not be the most suitable person for the position. In case of an audit due to a complaint; be prepared to explain the scoring and answer questions that may surface.
Why is the composition of the board 3 or 5? Standard guidance for any government agencies and stated in the NGR 600-5 under composition of the board. Having an odd number of voting members will less likely to result in a tie.
Does the interview have to be weighted at 3? The State TAG made the determination a while back, and it has never changed. It is standard among technician and AGR hiring boards (Army and Air Force).
Do the Commander, supervisor, and reviewing official have to all be a board member? Yes, either they are all part of the board panel or be represented.
Does the board recorder have to go through the same training as the voting board members? Yes, all personnel involved in the conduct of a board must have a full understanding of the whole process. The board recorder is not a voting position.
What is required of the board if an applicant does not make the OML list? A memorandum of justification which made the applicant unqualified, and is usually drafted by the recorder.
How is it handled if an applicant does not respond when scheduling an interview? Document the times called and responded. If no show, then document “NS” (Tech) or a memo for AGR boards. The panel must still review application and award points in “Records Review” section.
What happens when an applicant is not within the commuting area? Must contact applicant and schedule time to conduct phone conference with the same Panel members.
Can an applicant challenge a board member? No, applicants do not have the right to pick who sits on the board or scores the interviews. If an individual feels his/her civil rights are violated, or the board acted improperly, he/she has the right to file a “stop hire” complaint with HRO. Board will continue, but members will annotate the problem. If the applicant later has a problem with the results, he/she can mention to HRO, and we can bring it up to the TAG.
Can I notify the applicant that they have been selected for the position? No, HRO will notify each applicant of the outcome of the interview. This process takes approximately 2-3 weeks. At no time does the hiring board panel notify the applicant. You can advise the applicant of the process. The selection recommendation will go through the command chain to HRO for approval.
Who is identified as the interview chairperson? The highest military ranking individual is recognized as the interview Chairman. This may not necessarily be the supervisor of the position being filled.
Is an observer allowed in the board proceedings for training purposes? No, all training will be conducted by HRO personnel.
Can one of the voting members also serve as a recorder? No, it is not ideal to have a voting board member also serve as a non-voting recorder. BUT, if you have exhausted your search and no one is available, you can do so as an EXCEPTION to the rule with HRO concurrence.
Can the board members contact an individual who has written a letter of recommendation? No, they should not. When you are scoring the applicant, you should just be looking at their packet and the individual at their interview and nothing more. And besides, you will need to be fair all around, therefore what you do for one you would need to do for all.


Congratulations to our supervisors for successfully completing the November Technician Personnel Management Course (TPMC)!






TMPC  December 2019


TPMC – Technician Personnel Management Courses:
December 2019 TPMC:
Benefits: Employee Benefits


Military Service Deposit


Classification: Classification
Ethics Training: Ethics
HR Development: HR Development

Performance Management

HR Systems: HR_Systems
Labor Relations: Labor Relations

Conduct Management

Manager Analyst (Manpower) MA-Manpower
OWCP Workers Compensation Program
SEEM Equal Opportunity
Staffing Recruitment and Placement

USA Staffing Hiring Manager

Administration Leave Administration

Pay Administration


Supervisor’s Work Folder and Record Keeping


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