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National Guard dual-status technicians are a unique type of federal employee. They are civilians who work for the National Guard. Their jobs range from helicopter, airplane, and tank mechanics to clerical and support workers. Unlike other federal employees, National Guard dual-status technicians are required to maintain military status as a condition of their civilian position. Most federal employees are covered by Title 5; however, dual-status technicians are covered by both Title 5 and Title 32 (known as the Technician Act). The Technician Act requires dual-status technicians to wear a military uniform as a condition of their employment; leave their civilian position if they can no longer meet their military requirements; and exempts the workers from overtime pay, seniority, and Merit Systems Protection Board rights that other federal workers have. Competitive technicians are civil service and are not required to maintain military membership in the National Guard.


New Benefits Page
USERRA – The Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act of 1994
Benefits Section POC:
Ms. Jessica Haleck [email protected] 808-672-1385
Ms. Jasmine Imanil [email protected] 808-672-1244
Ms. Crystal Fujimoto [email protected] 808-672-1227


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Performance Management

TPR 451 – Awards Program
Hawaii National Guard Technician Awards Program (Coming Eventually)
TPR 430 – National Guard Technician Performance Appraisal Program
Appendix B – Guidelines for Appraising
Appendix A Performance – Performance Improvement Plan (PIP)

Instructions on MyPerformance:




NGB Form 32

DD Form 2906 Sample


MyPerformance Training

DPMAP Training

Technician Personnel Management Course (TPMC)
To access the latest information on Supervisor Training:

Click on the “Tech Tools” and scroll down to “Supervisor Training.”



How To Guide for PAA – Employee MY BIZ -Gives detailed instructions for employee MyBiz portion of PAA
How To Guide for PAA – Rating Official My Workplace -Gives detailed instructions to supervisors and managers for My Workplace option of PAA.
HLR how to guide -Gives detailed instructions to higher level rating official for My Workplace option of PAA.
Introducing the NG PAA – Employee -A powerpoint presentation of screenshots from the Performance Appraisal Application in DCPDS for the employee.
Introducing the NG PAA – Rating Official and Higher Level Reviewer (HLR) -A powerpoint presentation of screenshots from the Performance Appraisal Application in DCPDS for the rating official and higher level reviewer (HLR).
WRITING EFFECTIVE CRITICAL ELEMENTS (JOB OBJECTIVES) – A guide to writing job objectives (formerly referred to as “critical elements”) with explanations and examples of the SMART and MARST formats. Generally SMART is used for GS and MARST used for WG. A sample of the mandatory supervisory critical element or job objective can be found on page 44. Guide was adjusted to make it uploadable to website by removing NGB logo from coversheet and a picture from page 32.
WRITING EFFECTIVE SELF ASSESSMENTS – What is a Self Assessment? Writing the Self Assessment. Helpful-Hints – Things to Do/Not to Do
HR Development POC:
Vacant vacant email 808-672-1234


Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (FECA) passed in 1916

Provides compensation to civilian employees of he US for disability due to personal injury or disease sustained in the performance of duty.

Provides benefits to dependents if a work-related injury or disease causes death.

Funded through agency charge-backs.

Log on to for more information about FECA.

FECA Overview

FECA is adminstered by the Office of Worker’s Compensation Programs (OWCP), U. S. Department of Labor. Each employing agency is serviced by a District Office; Hawaii is serviced by the San Francisco District Office (#13).

Individual cases are protected under the Privacy Act. Only employee, approved representative and agency may have access to information concerning compensation claim.

HIPAA does not apply to OWCP or employing agencies as it relates to information concerning the compensation claim.

No one may require an employee or other claimant to waive his/her right to claim benefits.

FECA is a non-adversial system. Disputes under FECA are resolved through informal conferences or formal reconsideration at the district office level, through administrative hearings, or review by the independent Employees’ Compensation Appeals Board whose decision is final.

Benefits provided under FECA constitute the sole remedy against the United States for work-related injury or death. A Federal Employee of surviving dependent is not entitled to sue the United States or recover damages for such injury or death under any other law.

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OWCP Form Titles & Descriptions

CA-1 Federal Employee's Notice of Truamatic Injury and Claim for Continuation of Pay/Compensation*
CA-2 Notice of Occupational Disease and Claim for Compensation*
CA-2a Notice of Recurrence
CA-7 Claim for Compensation
CA-7a Time Analysis Form
CA-7b Leave Buy Back Worksheet
CA-10 What A Federal Employee Should Do When Injured At Work
CA-17 Duty Status Report
CA-20 Attending Physician's Report
CA-35 Evidence Required in Support of a Claim for Occupational Disease

OWCP Training and Resources

Supervisors ECOMP OWCP checklist_2015 JUN 8
ECOMP Supervisor Training_2015 JUN 8
Employee QuickReference ECOMP Process_2015 JUN 8
ECOMP Employee training_2015 JUN 8
ECOMP System Requirements
OWCP Overview_Supervisor Training
Continuation of Pay_Supervisor Training

Points of Contact

Injury Compensation Program Administrator (ICPA)

Human Resources Specialist (Employee Benefits)

Joint Forces Headquarters, Hawaii National Guard (HRO-M)

Workers' Comp Claims Voice (808) 672-1238

HRO Customer Service Voice (808) 672-1234

HRO Fax (808) 672-1225


Primary POC: Mrs. Noelani De Silva [email protected] (808) 672-1231
Secondary POC: CMSgt Carol Orr [email protected] (808) 672-1888


Useful Resources:

COMPATIBILITY: Military Technician Compatibility Reassignment Procedure
CONDUCT INTERVIEWS: How to Conduct a Successful Interview
POSITION DESCRIPTIONS: How to Find your Position Description(PD)
RESIGNATION: Technician Resignation Process
Staffing POC:
Mrs. Annie Salvador [email protected] 808-672-1228
Mrs. Gretchen Molina [email protected] 808-672-1213
Ms. Charlene Pasion [email protected] 808-672-1224


Retirement Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS)


On behalf of the Adjutant General, the State of Hawaii would like to invite you to attend the State Department of Defense Retirement and Service Awards Luncheon on Friday, April 12, 2019

RSVP: Link Coming eventually

DATE: Friday, April 12, 2019

LOCATION: Hawaii Okinawa Center (HOC)

TIME: 1100 – 1300

CSRS Overview_ABC-C_10172014
NGB FERS Overview_ABC-C_10152014
Retirement Information

Planning for Retirement

Retirement Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS / CSRS Offset)

Pre-Retirement Benefits Overview DCS Schedules

Retirement Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS)

FERS Retirement Overview Brief

Creditable Civilian Service

Deposit and Redeposit Service

Military Buyback Post-56 Deposit

Eligibility For Retirement

Disability Retirement

Retirement Forms

CSRS/CSRS Offset Retirement Forms

FERS Retirement Forms

General Retirement Forms

Disability Retirement Forms

Retirement Forms Preparation Briefs

Retirement POC:
Mrs. Noelani DE Silva [email protected] 808-672-1231