Military Technician Compatibility Reassignment Procedure


  • Required for all T32 Dual Status Military Technicians
  • Will not be required for T5 employees on Competitive Status
  • Military Technician compatibility requires Technicians to be assigned to:
    – Compatible military units
    – Military positions with compatible Branch/MOS
    – Military positions with compatible grade (Officer, Warrant, Enlisted)
    – Compatibility is judged by the Para/Line assignment
  • To avoid adverse impact on soldier’s full-time technician employment, consult HRO prior to any military reassignment or transfer of a full-time technician.
  • Waivers can be requested:
    – By Technician’s military command through COS to HRO
    – With supported and documented justification
    – Requests submitted in memorandum with SSS
    – Some local authority for TAG approval (CLASP); other waiver requests must be sent to NGB
    – Waivers are not valid until approved

Note: Technicians are subject to termination or adverse action if found to be in an incompatible military assignment (TPR 303/715)