Important TRICARE Announcement.

Posted on May 17, 2013 in In The News, Main

Changes to the TRICARE program policy requires Reserve Select (TRS) and Retired Reserve (TRR) beneficiaries to establish an automated method for payment of monthly premiums and discontinues the acceptance of checks as a form of monthly payment. This policy change was effective January, 2013 across all regions, but was temporarily suspended for the West Region until April 1, 2013.

Currently, the records indicate approximately 15,000 TRS and TRR beneficiaries in the West Region have not responded to several mail requests sent over the past three months. These beneficiaries are currently out of compliance and at risk for suspension of their accounts effective June 1, 2013 if UnitedHealthcare Military & Veterans does not receive their response by May 28, 2013. Additionally, failure to comply with the automated method of payment requirement also triggers a 12 month lockout that will be applied from the last paid-through date.

We want to avoid any beneficiary being disenrolled for lack of payment and respectfully request your assistance in disseminating this information to your soldiers and airmen. A copy of the can be downloaded here W_UHC_ElectronicPaymentForm and may also be downloaded from our website at To expedite their request, service members may fax their information to 1- 877-890-7297. If their form is received before May 28, 2013, their automatic payment will be effective June 1, 2013 and they will be billed separately for any past due balance.