CLASP Waiver

The (Command Leadership and Staff Assignment) CLASP wavier is used to grant a wavier for dual-status technicians who are assigned to Full-Time Support positions during their IDT while working as a technician.

Per TPR 303:
Federal Technicians in a command, leadership, or specific unit assignment require the Command, Leadership, and Staff Assignment Program (CLASP) memorandum.
TAG approved CLASP memorandums are auditable items for the HRO and must be archived beyond the actual period of the technician’s actual CLASP assignment.
TAG has the authority to approve command, MOS, and unit of assignment exceptions for the following assignments: Brigade, battalion, company command, headquarters commandant, platoon leaders, command sergeant major, first sergeant, and non-deployable staff positions (i.e. G1, G2, S1, S2, Asst S4, Asst S3, etc).

  1. The CLASP Waiver Memorandum must be filled out before taking a command, leadership, or specific unit assignment that requires waiver. Click Here to Download CLASP Waiver
  2. Send the CLASP Waiver to the HRO Personnel Support. HRO will then route your memorandum to the TAG for signature. You will receive a signed copy for your records. Remember this is an auditable item, so please follow up with the HRO Personnel Support team for your signed CLASP Waiver.