Preparedness Resources



About Emergency Management Description of the role of emergency management and the Hawaii Emergency Management Agency.
Overview of Hawaii’s Hazards Basic information on hazards that may impact the state.
County, State, Federal Response Overview A depiction of how an incident escalates from a local to a federal response.
HRS 127A Establishes state and county emergency management authorities and statutory duties.
Overview of Hawai`i Revised Statutes (HRS) Chapter 127A Quick reference sheet highlighting key aspects of the law.
Governor’s Administrative Directive 15-01 Establishes emergency management preparedness requirements for state agencies.
State Line of Succession


State Plans and Agency Planning Requirements Description of the Hawaii Emergency Operations Plan components and supporting plans state agencies are required to maintain.
Department Emergency Operations Plan Template Template to help departments complete a department EOP, in compliance with Admin Directive 15-01.
Department Operations Center (DOC) Planning Guidance and Resources Guidance, checklists and templates to establish a DOC to coordinate agency response activities.


Training and Exercise Program Overview and Requirements Explains requirements for state agency participation in this programs and lists required training.
State Training and Exercise Calendar View and register for upcoming events
FEMA Independent Study Courses Online training courses on a variety of emergency management issues.
Training and Exercise Plan Identifies training and exercise priorities for next 3 years.
HI-EMA Exercise Program Contact State Exercise Officer, Lalo Medina, at 808-733-4300 or [email protected]
HI-EMA Training Program Contact State Training Officer, Niea Gardner, at 808-733-4300 or [email protected]


State Emergency Response Team Member Selection and Roles Explanation of SERT roles and guidance for agencies on selecting SERT members.
Update SERT Contacts An online form that can be used to notify HI-EMA of changes to SERT contacts for your agency.
SESF Overview Sheets A quick reference lists of SESF names and functions.
State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) Contact Sheet and Directions


WebEOC Log-in A link to the WebEOC log-in page. WebEOC is the online information sharing system used to provide situational awareness and request resources during an incident.
Reporting Incidents to State Warning Point (SWP) Types of incidents that require SWP notification and agency responsibilities for reporting.
State EOC Notification Protocols for Activation  Quick summary of state agency responsibilities for making notifications when the SEOC is activating.
Information Sharing and Resource Requests During An Incident  An overview of the of information state agencies must report to the SEOC when activated and the process for requesting support.
State Emergency Operations Center (SEOC) Contact Sheet and Directions
Welcome to the SEOC Short video showing how to get to the SEOC, how to check-in during an incident and a tour of the facility.


Hurricane Evacuation Shelters – State Guidelines This document establishes statewide guidelines and best practices for hurricane evacuation shelter planning and operations that can assist the development of county plans.
Attachment 1: County Hurricane Evacuation Shelter Plan Template
Attachment 2: State of Hawaii Structural Guidelines for Hurricane Evacuation Shelters
Attachment 3: Hurricane Evacuation Survey Form [Non-Structural]
Memorandum of Understanding Between HI-EMA and the Hawaii Association of Animal Welfare Agencies
DEC_2018 Hurricane Behavioral Survey
COVID-19 Response and Recovery Survey