Resources for HMA Grant Applications

Grant Applications

BRIC Plan Subapplication

BRIC Project Scoping Subapplication

BRIC Project Subapplication

FMA Plan Subapplication

FMA Project Scoping Subapplication

FMA Project Subapplication

HMGP Project Subapplication

Required Pre-Application Documents

Building Resilience Infrastructure and Communities (BRIC) Notice of Intent (NOI)

Flood Mitigation Assistance (FMA) Notice of Intent (NOI)

Hazard Mitigation Grant Program (HMGP) Notice of Intent (NOI)

Required Subapplication Package Documents

Designation of Agent Resolution

Drug Free Certification

HMA Certification of Cost Share Template

HMA Certification Regarding Lobbying

HMA Maintenance Letter Template

SF 424 Application for Federal Assistance

SF 424 Application for Federal Assistance Instructions

SF424B-V1.1 Assurances for Non-Construction Programs


Subrecipient Management Costs (SRMC)

SRMC Budget

SRMC Checklist

SRMC Example Narrative

SRMC Indirect Cost Rate Memo

Post Award Resources

Quarterly Report Form

Tangible Personal Property Report

Environmental & Historical Preservation Information

EHP Basic Checklist

EHP 8 Step Decision Making Process

 FEMA Region 9 EHP Checklist 2023.docx

Additional Application Resources

ATC Hazard Recurrence Interval Site

FEMA Benefit Cost Analysis Software 6.0

FEMA Flood Map Service Center

Flood Hazard Assessment Tool (FHAT)

Instructions to Create Required Maps

NOAA Precipitation Frequency Data Server

NOAA Storm Event Database

Community Disaster Resilience Zones (CDRZ)



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