Hawai’i Department of Defense Community Support

The State of Hawai’i Department of Defense welcomes the opportunity to connect our communities with the mission and capabilities of the Hawai’i Army and Air National Guard. As a community-based organization, the Hawaii National Guard supports and participates in events throughout the State of Hawai’i to benefit our citizens and give them insight into their National Guard. All efforts will be made to support legal requests for assistance, however explicit regulatory guidance specifies the type and timing of the support that we can provide. All requests are also subject to various State and Federal ethics rules and regulations and must be properly vetted prior to approval.

All requests must be received 90 days prior to the event date. Processing takes 25 – 45 days depending on the complexity of the request.

After 90 days, the request must be accompanied by a Letter of Lateness addressed to The Adjutant General, Hawaii National Guard. The letter must clearly articulate why the request is late and the inability to move the event date and how future requests will be made on time.

Eligible Organizations
Any Federal, Regional, State, or local governmental entity
Charitable and non-profit organizations
All Active Duty or Reserve Military elements requesting Hawaii National Guard Resources must first exhaust all resources up to the theater level. If Hawaii National Guard resources are still needed, the request must be routed through the requesting unit’s chain of command to their Theater Command; USARPAC, PACAF, MARFORPAC, USPACFLT then to HING for support. A CONOP is required for all military requests.

Facility Requests

Fees are charged for all facility use.

A representative from the Hawaii National Guard will contact the requestor upon command approval to collect payment.

Request Type
Type I: U.S. DOD military services, federal agencies, or National Guard (NG) units external to the State DOD conducting activities such as training, conferences, seminars, briefings or exercises of a sanctioned and official nature.
Type II: State departments or County agencies conducting activities such as training, conferences, seminars, briefings, or exercises of a sanctioned and official nature.
Type III: Non-profit public or eleemosynary (charitable) organizations conducting a community or group activity.
Type IV: Film production enterprises conducting filming or photographic activities.
Ineligible Requests
Primarily fundraisers
Events that are not open to the public
For-Profit Organizations
Partisan political events

Approval Authority
The Adjutant General Hawaii National Guard is the decision authority for all requests.
Hawaii National Guard operational and training commitments take priority and may supersede a request.

Request Status

Call the HING Joint Operations Center at 808-672-1024 or email at [email protected]

To make a request for Hawaii National Guard Support


Royal Guard

The Royal Guard, a ceremonial unit which wears the historical uniforms and accouterments of King Kalakaua’s Royal Guard.

Honor Guard

Honor Guards can be established for the purpose of rendering military honors at public ceremonies and special events.

111th Army Band

The 111th Army Band can provide music for public ceremonies and special events around Hawaii.

Facility Use/Rental

Hawaii National Guard facilities are available for use or rental.


Parade Entries

Troops in formation or military vehicles pay tribute to the community’s investment in safeguarding Hawaii and the nation.

Equipment Displays

Hawaii National Guard equipment is available for display in conjunction with community events.

Guest Speakers

The Hawaii National Guard is capable of providing public speakers for schools, service clubs, and civic events around the state.

National Guard Volunteers

Special event organizers may request volunteer assistance from Hawaii National Guard Soldiers and Airmen.


Hawaii National Guard aircraft are available to perform flyovers for approved events.


Other Non-Emergency Military Support Requests

The Hawaii National Guard can provide equipment or personnel to support other non-emergency military support requests.

Film Requests
With our varied terrain, spectacular ocean views and historic military structures, we can provide you with a space that meets your filming needs.