Hawaii National Guard Mail Security Assistant Non-civil service, Contractual, Full-time

Posted on Aug 26, 2014 in Other-Job-Listing

State of Hawaii

Department of Defense

Hawaii National Guard Mail Security Assistant

Non-civil service, Contractual, Full-time

Description:  The Mail Security Assistant will be responsible for assisting the Admin Support Services Supervisor in the acquisition, implementation, operation and routine maintenance of the Rapi-Scan, x-ray screening system in the Mail Distribution Center. This system will be part of the Hawaii Army National Guard’s mail and distribution center’s first line of defense by screening and inspecting incoming mail and parcels for potential threats.  This role carries a critical responsibility of helping to ensure the safety and protection of DOD employees, civilian and uniformed, from outside threats, terroristic or other in origin.  The individual must have good judgment, keen analytical skills, and the ability to learn how to detect suspicious envelopes, parcels, boxes and other incoming mail to DOD facilities. 

The Mail Security Assistant will also be responsible for assisting in the daily operations of the Admin Support Services Office, Department of Information Management at either the Hawaii Army National Guard’s Diamond Head or Kalaeloa (Barbers Point) mail distribution centers. Duties will include:  use of an organizational computer, answering phones, maintaining files and assisting with processing of requests for forms, publications, and printing from Hawaii Army National Guard units and facilities as well as other duties as required.  He or she will be expected to assist with the processing of internal correspondence which includes receipt, sorting, weighing, affixing proper postage to, and delivery of letters, small parcels and boxes. The Mail Security Assistant will conduct bi-weekly distribution to National Guard facilities and offices throughout Oahu utilizing a Government vehicle. 

This position requires the individual to wear their military uniform daily, follow military decorum, practice, customs, and tradition.

Minimum Qualifications:  High School Diploma or equivalent.  Current and active member of one of the following military branches: Army National Guard or Air National Guard; ability to type addresses and forms; be able to lift 50 pounds and move boxes weighing up to 90 pounds using a hand truck; possess a Hawaii driver’s license and be able to acquire a military driver’s license in order to gain unrestricted entry into military bases on Oahu.

Salary:  $2,400 monthly

Term: September 30, 2014 to September 29, 2015

To apply:  Send cover letter, resume, and three (3) references by September 5, 2014 to: 

Department of Defense

Attn: Ken Nakagawa, State FISCAL Office, BLDG 306, Room 104 or 125

3949 Diamond Head Road

Honolulu, HI 96816