Law Enforcement Leave (for State Active Duty)

Posted on Aug 30, 2021 in Benefits, Pay & Leave

While performing State Active Duty, federal employees are not allowed to use Military Leave (LM).

Law Enforcement Leave (LEL, or ATAAPS code “LL”) is a paid leave option available for employees to perform military duty for the purpose of providing military aid to enforce the law or provide assistance in the protection or saving of life, property, or prevention of injury.

Public law 108-136 effective 24 November 2003 modified 5 USC 6323(b) to provide employees who perform duty in support of a contingency operation. This entitlement is a broadening of the qualifications for use of military leave which was limited to personnel called to active duty for law enforcement duty (State Active Duty).

It’s important to note that Law Enforcement Leave is not a “dual compensation” leave. Employees aren’t authorized to retain both military and civilian pay, so a debt will be collected after you’ve completed State Active Duty.

If the Law Enforcement Leave option isn’t appealing to you, you can also request to go on Leave Without Pay.


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