NATIONWIDE: HIARNG AGR JVA FY2022-05, 3-yr OTOT, CSM, Hawaii Rec & Ret Bn /Closes, 4 Mar 22

Posted on Jan 18, 2022 in AGR Resources, AGR-Job-listing, JVA - Tracker

Nationwide JVA FY2022-05, 3-yr One Time Occasional Tour (OTOT), Command Sergeant Major, E9, 79T6O, ASI 6C, Hawaii Recruiting and Retention Battalion, HIARNG, Kapolei, Hawaii.

Open to Non-Commissioned Officers of the Army National Guard selected by HQDA (Army National Guard (ARNG)) CSM Selection Board or who meet the criteria to be boarded during the Spring 2022 HQDA, ARNG CSM Selection Board, NATIONWIDE.  SGM/E9s with 27 years or more active Federal service (AFS) or who have an approved retirement request are not eligible to apply.

In order to be considered for this position, an applicant must meet eligibility criteria under Area of Consideration and Minimum Appointment Requirements outlined on this announcement.  See attached JVA for more details.

JVA FY2022-05, 3-yr OTOT, CSM, Hawaii Rec & Ret Bn (Nationwide)