HIARNG AGR JVA FY2022-02, Readiness NCO, 297th Engineer Detachment / Closes: 18 Dec 21

Posted on Nov 19, 2021 in AGR Resources, AGR-Job-listing, JVA - Tracker

JVA FY2022-02, Readiness NCO, 12M, E6, 297th Engineer Detachment, HIARNG, Pearl City, Hawaii.  Open to Present enlisted members of the Hawaii Army National Guard in the grade of E4-E6.

Area of Consideration:  All applicants must have completed Basic Leaders Course (BLC) and possess a valid Secret security clearance.  Non-MOSQ applicants must meet ASVAB score and other training pre-requisite requirements for 12M MOS.  Non-MOSQ E6 applicants must take a voluntary grade reduction prior to applying. If selected, non-MOSQ applicant must have the potential to become 12M MOSQ within 12 months from AGR start date or be released from the AGR program. Current, on board AGR Soldiers (excluding those within their first 18 months of an initial tour) may apply. No other waivers authorized.

In order to be considered for this position, an applicant must meet all eligibility criteria under Area of Consideration and Minimum Appointment Requirements as outlined on this announcement.  See attached JVA for more details.

JVA FY2022-02 Readiness NCO, 297th Engineer Detachment