HIANG AGR JVA FY 24-012, 169 ADS, C2 Battle Management Operator, Closes: 04 DEC 23

Posted on Nov 4, 2023 in AGR-Job-listing

Duty Position: C2 Battle Management Operator


Duty AFSC: 1C571

Duty Location: 169th Air Defense Squadron, 149 Haley Ave. Bldg. 310, Wheeler AAF, HI 96854

Who May Apply:

1st Area of Consideration: Nationwide. Open military members with the rank of E5/SSgt (promotable to TSgt) through E6/TSgt military members within the Hawaii National Guard or those who are eligible to become a member of the Hawaii Air National Guard. Qualified in the 1C5X1 AFSC, or eligible to retrain and meet specialty qualifications for C2 Battle Management Operator outlined in the AFECD, to obtain 1C5X1 AFSC, with an ASVAB score of 55 in General; Note: applicants who are retraining will need to have a 3-level minimum in Current AFSC.

FY 24-012, 169 ADS, C2 Battle Management Operator (Nationwide) (E5 promotable E6)

NGB 34-1

JVA Application Prescreening Form 20211110v