Improvements Coming to Maui Veterans Cemetery

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May 5, 2014    #2014-005

Improvements Coming to Maui Veterans Cemetery

Honolulu, Hawaii – The Office of Veterans Services plans to begin improvement projects for the Maui Veterans Cemetery in Makawao that will temporarily impact nearly half of the existing gravesites.  The project will enhance approximately three acres of the existing cemetery’s seven-acre property, and is intended for the cemetery to eventually achieve “Shrine Status”.   Major work will begin May 27 (the day after Memorial Day).  The areas under construction will be cordoned off to ensure the work being performed can be done safely. This will preclude family members and friends from visiting their loved ones until the specific phases are completed. During the interim period a “Temporary Remembrance Area” has been identified where flowers may be placed.

To minimize the impact to the overall cemetery, the project will be accomplished in several phases.  The extent, limits and duration of each phase will be identified on an informational sign posted at the cemetery’s Committal Shelter.

Improvements include:

*The cleaning, readjustment, and realignment of approximately 1,500 grave markers. *Prior to their removal, grave markers will be photographed and located by geographic coordinates, and then kept within the limits of the grave, to ensure they are reinstalled with the correct grave.

*Leveling of the irregularities over the ground surface.

*Re-grassing of approximately 132,000 square feet of turf.

*Removal of the asphalt walkway on the Eastern portion of the cemetery.

*Miscellaneous landscaping improvements.

The construction contract has been awarded to BCP Construction of Hawaii, Ltd.

A future project is also being planned to add 10-acres from the adjacent property, increasing the cemetery’s size to 17-acres. This project will also be constructed in phases and will include improvements to the driveway and entrance to the cemetery, relocation and expansion of the parking lot, construction of a new circulation road and Maintenance Yard, creation of a formal flag assembly area, construction of in-ground burial crypts and burial cremains, grassing, landscaping and irrigation improvements.  Future informational meetings will be scheduled to advise the families and friends of the Maui Veterans Cemetery on the project’s status and schedule.

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