Government Shutdown

Posted on Jan 20, 2018 in FY-2018, In The News, News Release

As of 7 p.m., Jan. 19, Hawaii Standard Time, continued Congressional funding for the day-to-day base operations of the U.S. Army and its installations in Hawaii and across the nation have expired. Until new legislation appropriating funds is passed and signed into law by the President, the Army will begin an orderly shutdown of those activities not considered essential to national security, life, health and safety, and the protection of property.

During this period, all active duty military personnel will continue to serve and report for duty while accruing pay, but will not be paid unless appropriations are enacted.

For Department of the Army (DA) civilian employees, those deemed essential to supporting activities directly relating to national security; life, health and safety; and the protection of property will be allowed to work and accrue pay, but will not be paid unless appropriations are enacted. DA civilians deemed non-essential for activities will be furloughed without pay. For DA civilians with specific questions regarding work prohibitions while on furlough, please contact your immediate supervisor for details.

For service members and families, the shutdown will affect some on-post services, but your health, safety, and security will not be compromised.

What you can expect
* Acute and emergency medical care will remain available. However, military medical treatment facilities will likely scale back operations. Inpatient medical care will continue, but other routine medical and dental procedures and elective surgery/procedures may be stopped.
* Military members will continue to receive TRICARE, but civilian provider bills will likely go unpaid until appropriations are enacted.
* Law enforcement and fire protection services will continue.
* Commissaries will remain open until Wednesday at 8 p.m..
* Exchanges will remain open.
* Counseling and other support services for victims of sexual assault will remain open.
* Religious, suicide, and substance abuse counseling and services will remain open.
* CYS will remain open.
* Child Care centers will remain open.
* Education Center will remain open.
* All FMWR recreation facilities, such as bowling, golf, etc. will remain open.
* Tropic Lightning Museum at Schofield Barracks and the U.S. Army Museum at Fort DeRussy will be closed.
* ACS will be closed next week (as previously scheduled) to move into its new building.
* Fort Shafter Auto Skills – closed effective Saturday.
* Fort Shafter Library – closed effective Monday.

We appreciate your understanding and patience during this period. Updated information will be provided when available.