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Department of Defense
Human Resources Office
3949 Diamond Head Road
Honolulu, HI 96816-4495

HRO Staff duties and responsibilities

HRO ORG CHART as of 14 MAR 18

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HRO Contact Roster
As of: 14 MAR 18
Section Member Address/Email Contact Number
 OWCP: 808-672-1238 FAX: 808-672-1225
COL Laura Soares 808-672-1321
Deputy HRO:
Mr. Walter Ross Jr. 808-844-6087
State Equal Employment Manager (SEEM)
Mr. Nathan Masunari 808-672-1316
Technician Branch
Benefits Section:
Mrs. Noelani De Silva 808-672-1231
Ms. Jessica D’Amato 808-672-1229
Mrs. Melanie Marquez 808-672-1227
Ms. Charla Quiambao 808-672-1781
 A1C Briana Nalus  808-672-1236
Management Analyst:
Ms. Lisa Dias 808-672-1575
Development and Training:
Mr. Joey Mariano 808-672-1248
Mrs. Annie Salvador 808-672-1228
SGT Jasmine Imanil 808-672-1244
Ms. Gretchen Gabaon 808-672-1213
SrA Andrew Leong 808-672-1218
Ms. Charlene Pasion 808-672-1224
Labor Relations:
Mr. John Yim  808-672-1555
Mr. Jacob Tokunaga 808-672-1230
HR Information System:
Mr. Mel Masaki 808-672-1245
Personnel Support:
2LT Michelle Amparan 808-672-1234
Ms. Crystal Fujimoto 808-672-1234
AGR Branch
HRO AGR Manager:
LTC Kukunaokala Mendonca 808-672-1233
CMSgt Carol Orr (Air AGR NCOIC) 808-672-1888
MSG Lelanya Watson (Army AGR NCOIC) 808-672-1774
SFC Minerva Manuel (Army AGR NCO) 808-672-1314
Air HRO Liasion
Mr. Eric Oshiro 808-448-8236                 ext 444-6502


HRO Contact Roster as of 14 MAR 18