Introduction and Cemetery Rules

Posted on Mar 20, 2024 in Main

Aloha Kakou!
My name is Daniel Chung, and I am the Operations Manager here at the Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery (HSVC).

A lifelong resident of Kailua, I am honored to serve the military communities, our fallen heroes and their ohana with the highest degree of respect and dignity. I would like to convey our deep appreciation to our veterans and their ohana for sacrifices made in defending the freedoms that we all enjoy today.

In the spirit of ensuring that HSVC meets the expectations of our families and community, I would like to provide a gentle reminder of our guidelines that were established to meet those high expectations while conducting our committal services, such as:

• Families should not arrive any earlier than 15 minutes prior to their scheduled Committal Service time. Upon arrival, please have the attendees proceed directly to the parking lot fronting the Committal Shelter.
• If a Committal Service does not start within 15 minutes of the scheduled start time of the service due to the negligence of the family, the Committal Service may not take place and will have to be rescheduled for another date/time.
Please be aware that the HSVC committal service (which is not to be confused with a celebration of life service that is conducted at a different venue) is no more than a total of 10 minutes for a last prayer service for family and friends. Please advise the minister, family and friends.
• The request for Military Honors/Flag Fold is the sole responsibility of the servicing Mortuary or family.

• Cameras and video recording are allowed. The use of drones is strictly prohibited within the confines of HSVC.
• Lighting and playing with fireworks of any type is strictly prohibited.
• HSVC will only permit the immediate family to offer incense for a Buddhist Service.
• Families may display one (1) casket/urn spray and one (1) floral arrangement at the committal site. HSVC staff will transport one or both arrangements to the interment site. All other floral arrangements are to be delivered to the curbside near the interment site by the servicing Mortuary or families.
Family and friends are asked to leave the Cemetery after each service. This is to ensure completion of the burial is accomplished in a timely manner. This will provide cemetery staff adequate time to clean and set up for the next Committal Service. After leaving the cemetery, you may return two (2) hours later to visit the gravesite.
• No one is allowed at the gravesite while it is open for burial due to safety precautions.
• There is a possibility that graves may settle over time.
• Grave markers may take two (2) to three (3) months for delivery and approximately two (2) months for the Columbarium niche markers.
• The chain from the permanent flower vase will be removed for proper maintenance of the grave.

For Information concerning VA benefits and reimbursements, please call the VA
at 1-800-827-1000.

*Please note all guidelines are subject to change without notice. Please call us at (808) 369-3575, or email [email protected] for updates. Faxes can be sent to (808) 369-1451.

Thank you, please let me know if you have any questions.
E mālama pono,
Daniel Chung

Operations Manager
Hawai’i State Veterans Cemetery