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Advocacy for Veterans concern(s)
Informational and referral
VA claims, forms, and appeals assistance
VA benefits assistance
Burial assistance

Advocacy is the primary service offered by the office. OVS may take action on behalf of Veterans, their families, and survivors to secure appropriate rights, benefits, & services. This includes receiving, investigating, and resolving disputes or complaints of any nature.



Burials for qualified veterans (including U.S. war allies) and their dependents can be buried in the Hawaii State Veterans’ Cemetery on Oahu or Veterans’ cemeteries on Hawaii, Kauai, Maui, Molokai or Lanai.



For the same cost as a regular license plate Veterans can choose, if qualified, a Veteran, Combat or Combat Wounded, Pearl Harbor Survivor, Former POW, World War II Veteran, Korea Veteran, Vietnam Veteran, Persian Gulf Veteran, or Gold Star Family license plate. These plates are also available for motorcycles.  The below shows some of the license plate examples that are available.

State License Plate Examples

For more information go to the below links:

City and County of Honolulu:
City and County of Honolulu License Plates Info
Veteran License Plate Form for Honolulu

Hawaii County:
Hawaii County Vehicle Registration General Info
Veteran License Plate Form for Hawaii County

Maui County:
Maui County Motor Vehicle Licensing

Kauai Vehicle Licensing Information



Tax exemptions on real property owned and occupied as a home by a totally disabled Veteran or their widow(er).  Tax exemptions on passenger cars when they are owned by totally disabled Veterans and subsidized by the Dept. of Veterans Affairs. This benefit varies by island.  Visit your local real property tax office for more information.

For more information go to the below links:

City and County of Honolulu:
City and County of Honolulu Real Property Info


Hawaii County:
Hawaii County Real Property Tax Office

Maui County:
Maui County Real Property Assessment Division

Kauai Real Property Assessment



(Entitles you to a $46.00 State Registration Fee Exemption Only.) You must still pay the balance due. For example, if your registration fee is $246.00 DMV will minus $46.00 and then you will have to pay the remaining balance of $200 for your car registration.

The Veteran must meet all 3 eligibility requirements:

1. Is a resident of Hawaii;

2. Has been other than dishonorably discharged from the United States uniformed armed forces; and

3. Is determined by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs or its predecessor to have a 100% service-connected disability rating


To prove the eligibility requirements, please submit via fax (808.433.0385) or email ([email protected])

→ Copy of your driver’s license (to prove resident of Hawaii)

→ Copy of your current car registration (applies to 1 vehicle only)

→ Copy of your current VA 100% Disability Letter

→ Current mailing address if different from license


Our staff will send you the original letter along with a copy for your records to your mailing address. The DMV will only accept the original letter.

A new request must be made each year for an exemption letter.  The request must include current information about your 100% disabled rating.

Please note, the DMV will not accept an exemption letter from a previous year.  Additionally, your vehicle must have a current unexpired registration and safety check before you can be issued a $46.00 exemption letter for any given year.

There is also a tax exemption on passenger cars subsidized by the Dept. of Veterans Affairs.

Total Number of Disabled Veterans Exempted from Annual Vehicle Registration Fees

Hawaii Revised Statues

Act 188 HB601



Free certified copies of DD-214 (Military Discharge paperwork) if we have it on file.