List of Services

List of Services for Veterans, Active Military, Spouses & Dependents

  • Assist in preparation of VA claims;
  • Assist with burials of indigent veterans;
  • Employment and Re-employment;
  • Hawaii Veterans Newsletter, Roster, Website and Memorial Fund;
  • Help individuals file VA Appeals;
  • Support various Grant-in-Aid requests for veteran related items, for example veterans’ cemeteries, Arizona Memorial, Aviation Museum, Veterans Centers statewide etc.;
  • Governor’s Liaison to veterans;
  • Legislative Advocate for veterans – State & Federal;
  • Maintain discharge documents;
  • Refer individuals not qualified for VA benefits to other agencies;
  • Represent veterans at VA hearings;
  • Home Tax Exemptions for totally disabled veterans’;
  • Review medical service records;
  • Validate Service Credit for the State Employees Retirement System
  • Yukio Okutsu Hilo Veterans Home – development & oversight.