How can I prepare my home for a hurricane?

Posted on Jun 13, 2023 in Hurricane Preparedness, Hurricane- FAQ, Main

Look at and around your home for ways it could be damaged by wind, flooding, or storm surge. We recommend that people know their hazards, and plan ways to reduce their impact.

For example, wind could break tree limbs over your roof or pick up loose items and throw them into the home or into the street, causing damage. Plan to trim branches or secure items.

If your home is in a flood zone or near a drainage, consider buying flood insurance. Remember, most homeowners policies don’t cover flood damage, and flood coverage doesn’t take effect for 30 days after purchase.

You also should consider improvements to strengthen your home, such as hurricane shutters. Hurricane clips are a relatively inexpensive project that can greatly strengthen the roof and anchor it to the home’s frame. For free guidance on home improvements to prepare for natural hazards, download this book: Homeowner’s Handbook to Prepare For Natural Hazards.

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