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Hawaii Air Guard Careers

Administration – 3A1X1

The gatekeeper of any well run efficient organization starts with managing the communication from the t- op down. As an Administration Specialist you will be working with all forms of communications from correspondence to email and everything in between.

Advanced Fighter Aircraft Integrated Avionics – 2A3X5

Advanced Fighter Aircraft Integrated Avionics Specialists maintain the electronics systems and avionics that allow the pilot to unleash the most sophisticated, advanced fighter aircraft in the world.

Advanced Practice Registered Nurse (APRN) – 46YX

Advanced Practice Registered Nurses provide direct patient care, including comprehensive health assessments and differential diagnoses, as well as planning and prescribing treatments in the management of acute and chronic illness.

Aerospace Ground Equipment – 2A6X2

Aerospace Ground Equipment Specialists maintain and repair generator sets, air conditioners, hydraulic test stands, air compressors, bomb lifts and heaters — all equipment that stays on the ground and is essential to keeping the Air National Guard aircraft mission ready.

Aerospace Medical Service – 4N0X1

Aerospace Medical Service Specialists are directly involved in a wide range of technical nursing duties. These include measuring and recording vital signs, administering medications, prepping patients for surgery, drawing blood, and assisting in the delivery room.

Aerospace Propulsion – 2A6X1

Aerospace Propulsion Specialists must inspect, maintain, test, and repair a wide variety of engines — from turboprop and turboshaft to jet engines and small gas turbines.

Air Battle Manager – 13BX

Air Battle Managers use strategy, experience, and an intimate knowledge of all aircraft, weapons, and surveillance to ensure success in high-speed air battles.

Air Traffic Control – 1C1X1

Air Traffic Control Specialists must be decisive and authoritative to manage the flow of aircraft traffic on the ground and in 50,000 square miles of airspace.

Air Transportation – 2T2X1

Air Transportation Specialists are responsible for securely packing cargo and checking in passengers and baggage, so each can be transported safely and quickly.

Aircraft Armament Systems – 2W1X1

Aircraft Armament Systems Specialists operationally check, test, and repair aircraft weapons release and gun systems before loading their weapons on the aircraft, thus ensuring safety.

Aircraft Electrical and Environmental Systems – 2A6X6

Aircraft Electrical and Environmental Systems Specialists are experts in reading blueprints and schematics used in wiring diagrams, allowing them to inspect, evaluate, troubleshoot, and repair aircraft electrical systems.

Aircraft Fuel Systems – 2A6X4

Aircraft Fuels Systems Specialists repair, inspect, install, and modify aircraft fuel systems, including integral fuel tanks, bladder cells, and external tanks.

Aircraft Hydraulic Systems – 2A6X5

Aircraft Hydraulic Systems Specialists are responsible for everything dealing with hydraulic and pneumatic systems, including landing gear, brakes, flight controls, weapons, and cargo door systems.

Aircraft Loadmaster – 1A2X1

It is the job of the Aircraft Loadmaster to get the aircraft loaded with its precious cargo, delivering it safely to their destination…then, get it all unpacked.

Aircraft Maintenance Officer – 21AX

Aircraft Maintenance Officers direct all aspects of maintenance operations for aircraft, aircraft components, and aviation support equipment, and they coordinate flying and maintenance schedules.

Aircraft Metals Technology – 2A7X1

Aircraft Metals Technology Specialists design, weld, heat treat, fabricate, and use precision tools and components to repair and replace components of the Air National Guard aircraft.

Aircraft Structural Maintenance – 2A7X3

Aircraft Structural Maintenance Specialists are the experts that keep the metal structure of the Air National Guard fleet safe for the pilots and aircrew that fly them.

Aircrew Egress Systems – 2A6X3

Aircrew Egress Systems Specialists maintain all safety equipment, including ejection seats, canopies, hatches, and electro-explosive devices, to protect the Air National Guard’s most valuable asset — their people.

Aircrew Flight Equipment – 1P0X1

Aircrew Flight Equipment Specialists maintain aircrew safety equipment, including parachutes, survival equipment, flight helmets, and oxygen masks, to ensure the equipment is in perfect working order in the event of an in-flight emergency.

Airfield Management – 1C7X1

Airfield Management Specialists are among the first responders to in-flight and ground emergencies, and are responsible for keeping the runways free and clear of wildlife.

Airfield Operations Officer – 13MX

Airfield Operations Officers perform and lead operations functions, air traffic control, airfield management, and airspace management within the National Airspace System and combat environments.

Airfield Systems – 1C8X2

Airfield Systems Specialists install, relocate, deploy and maintain fixed and mobile meteorological, navigation and air traffic control ground to air radio systems.

Airlift/Special Mission Aircraft Maintenance – 2A5X1

Airlift/Special Mission Aircraft Maintenance Specialists are responsible for ensuring their aircraft is well maintained and in perfect working order to always be mission ready.

Aviation Resource Management – 1C0X2

Aviation Resource Management Specialists maintain flight records, validate aircrew safety and physical requirements, monitor daily flight mission data, and establish schedules for aircrew training.

Avionics Test Station and Components – 2A0X1

Avionics Test Station and Components Specialists inspect, maintain, and calibrate complex electronic systems that must be perfectly maintained to secure mission success.

Bioenvironmental Engineer – 43EX

Bioenvironmental Engineers blend engineering and preventive medicine to identify and evaluate potential hazards and to develop plans and programs to prevent injuries and illnesses, focusing on industrial hygiene, occupational health, radiological health, and environmental protection.

Bioenvironmental Engineering – 4B0X1

Bioenvironmental Engineering Specialists blend engineering and medicine by identifying and evaluating potential hazards and by developing plans and programs to prevent injuries and illnesses.

Biomedical Equipment – 4A2X1

Biomedical Equipment Specialists install, inspect, repair, and modify biomedical equipment and support systems that are needed to make sure these are ready to aid in the treatment needed to ensure the health of each Air Guard member.

Biomedical Laboratory Officer – 43TX

Biomedical Laboratory Officers not only provide precise, accurate lab data and conclusions to healthcare providers, but also may manage labs, develop and improve procedures, continue their education, teach, and even participate in basic and operational research.

Broadcast Journalist – 3N0X2

Broadcast Journalists interview, write scripts, produce radio and television programming, highlighting the accomplishments of the Air National Guard.

Cable & Antenna Systems – 3D1X7

Cable and Antenna Systems Specialists provide command and control capabilities with fixed cable and wireless distribution systems and with local and wide area networks in support of tactical and strategic operations.

Chaplain – 52RX

Chaplains attend to Air Guard members who are struggling with personal stress or spiritual turmoil, and manage memorial services and important religious ceremonies like weddings and baptisms.

Chaplain Assistant – 5R0X1

Chaplain Assistants assist in attending to Air Guard members who are struggling with personal stress or spiritual turmoil, and manage memorial services and important religious ceremonies like weddings and baptisms.

Civil Engineer – 32EX

Civil Engineering Officers build and maintain structures and utilities, advise and consult with commanders on emergency response, and dispose of conventional, nuclear and chemical/biological weapons.

Client Systems – 3D1X1

Client Systems Specialists troubleshoot and repair any problems that may occur in the software and hardware of all computers in the Air National Guard.

Clinical Nurse – 46NX

Clinical Nurses plan and provide comprehensive nursing care for all types of patients at Air Guard units as well as in base hospitals around the world.

Command Post – 1C3X1

Command Post Specialists monitor and track all wartime functions, including scheduling flights, loading and unloading of cargo and aircraft maintenance, and ensuring base operations run smoothly.

Command and Control Battle Management Operations – 1C5X1

Command and Control Battle Management Operations Specialists help manage all airfield operations, including air traffic control, airfield management, and base operations and inspections.

Contracting – 6C0X1

Contracting Specialists purchase equipment, supplies, services and construction, ensuring contracts for all requisitions are legal and in the best interest of the Air National Guard.

Cryptologic Language Analyst – 1N3X1

Cryptologic Language Analysts use radio receivers, recording devices, and related equipment to translate, evaluate, and report on enemy communications.

Cyber Surety – 3D0X3

Cyber Surety Specialists protect everything — from radar systems to databases to computer networks — from infiltration by enemies attempting to gather secret information or wreak havoc on vital U.S. computer-controlled systems via cyber attack.

Cyber Systems Operations – 3D0X2

Cyber Systems Operations Specialists apply the latest technology to design, install, and support our computer and software systems, ensuring each operates properly and is secure from enemy cyber attack.

Cyber Transport Systems – 3D1X2

To maintain our communications systems, Cyber Transport Systems Specialists deploy, sustain, troubleshoot, and repair standard voice, data, and video network infrastructure systems, IP detection systems, and cryptographic equipment.

Dental Assistant – 4Y0X1

Dental Assistants clean and polish teeth and instruct patients on proper brushing and flossing techniques. They can even assist in areas such as oral surgery, periodontics, prosthodontics, and endodontics.

Dentist – 47GX

Dentists examine, diagnose, and treat diseases, abnormalities, injuries, and dysfunctional disorders of the oral cavity and its associated structures.

Education and Training – 3S2X1

Education and Training Specialists play a significant role in each Airman’s learning and training process, from creating course curricula, instructing regular classes, and leading educational workshops.

Electrical Power Production – 3E0X2

Electrical Power Production Specialists keep generators running in peak performance, ensuring electricity is available to Air National Guard bases or temporary disaster relief facilities when the need arises.

Electrical Systems – 3E0X1

Electrical Systems Specialists are responsible for maintaining the electrical systems of the entire Air Guard unit, thus keeping operations running smoothly.

Emergency Management – 3E9X1

Emergency Management Specialists write and implement plans used by members of the Air Guard to react to military or terrorist attacks, tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, floods and any other natural catastrophes.

Engineering – 3E5X1

Engineering Specialists direct and perform civil engineering design, drafting, surveying, and contract surveillance to support Air National Guard facility construction and maintenance programs.

Equal Opportunity – 3S1X1

Equal Opportunity Specialists promotes a mission-enhancing environment through an inclusive corporate culture that promotes an environment of equity, dignity and respect.

Family Physician – 44FX

Family Physicians provide comprehensive care for families that includes preventive medicine services, behavioral health, and community healthcare.

Fighter Combat Systems Officer – 12FX

Fighter Combat Systems Officers are the navigators for fighter aircraft, and use their expertise and precision with high-tech equipment and weapons to find and eliminate enemy targets.

Fighter Pilot – 11FX

Fighter Pilots fly the most advanced fighter aircraft in the world, mastering all aspects of aviation that leads to airspace domination.

Financial Management & Comptroller – 6F0X1

Financial Management and Comptroller Specialists work to ensure the taxpayer dollars that fund the Air National Guard are spent as wisely as possible by providing financial services and resources.

Financial Management Officer – 65FX

Financial Management Officers provide financial decision support, services, and resources to support the Air Guard’s war-fighting mission.

Fleet Management & Analysis – 2T3X7

Fleet Management and Analysis Specialists are trained in the latest computer technology in order to ensure the health of all vehicles on base, including the long-range forecasting of the maintenance needs of each vehicle.

Flight Engineer – 1A1X1

The Flight Engineer ensures the aircraft is ready for a smooth, stealthy takeoff and landing, making for a safe flight in between.

Flight Nurse – 46FX

Flight Nurses plan and provide comprehensive nursing care for all types of patients during air medical evacuations and airlift flights, and make recommendations to staff agencies on air medical evacuation plans.

Fuels – 2F0X1

Fuels Specialists receive, store, track, and dispense all petroleum products for use in Air Guard vehicles and aircraft.

Fusion Analyst – 1N4X1

Fusion Analysts covertly acquire and analyze intelligence from target network communications to determine adversarial actions and brief high-level decision makers on these intentions.

General Medical Officer (GMO) & Flight Surgeon – 48GX

General Medical Officers (GMO) and Flight Surgeons participate in flying missions to observe and advise on aeromedical issues, and to liaise with federal, state and local agencies in matters regarding aerospace, preventive, and occupational medicine.

Geospatial Intelligence – 1N1X1

To discern potential threats, Geospatial Intelligence Specialists analyze intelligence imagery from satellites, remotely piloted vehicles, and other sources.

Ground Radar Systems – 1C8X1

Ground Radar Systems Specialists are in charge of the sophisticated systems that help safely manage air traffic, including mobile air traffic control, weather, ground aircraft control and warning radar systems.

Health Services Administrator – 41AX

Health Services Administrators plan, program, and provide operations related to a myriad of activities, including medical facility command and administration, war and emergency planning, aeromedical evacuation, codification and construction, biometrics, and health and data systems design.

Health Services Management – 4A0X1

Health Services Management Specialists operate everything from regional clinics to trauma one medical centers, ensuring the health and well-being of Air Guard members and their families.

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, & Refrigeration – 3E1X1

Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning, and Refrigeration (HVAC/R) Specialists ensure a comfortable working environment for the men and women in the Air Guard, providing them with the surroundings necessary for optimal performance.

In-Flight Refueling – 1A0X1

As an In-Flight Refueling Specialist, or “Boomer,” your cool head and steady hand will be key in the inflight refueling of Air National Guard aircraft.

Intelligence – 14NX

Intelligence Officers support combat operations by protecting internal information and collecting data from external threats, exchanging intelligence, and analyzing it to produce assessments that help advise operational planning.

Internist – 44MX

Internists provide medical care for the men and women of the Armed Forces, their families, and retirees.

Judge Advocate – 51JX

Judge Advocates litigate courts-martial as a prosecutor or defense counsel, offer advise on contracts, assist Airmen with legal issues, and provide critical counsel to commanders around the world.

Knowledge Operations Management – 3D0X1

Knowledge Operations Management Specialists are in charge of all data that comes in and goes out of each department, making sure that information gets to and stays in only the right hands.

Logistics Plans – 2G0X1

Logistics Plans Specialists develop and help implement plans for everything from emergency disaster relief to deployment as well as for search-and-rescue missions.

Logistics Readiness Officer – 21RX

Logistics Readiness Officers direct airlift operations, vehicle and fuels management, contingency operations and distribution, making sure every piece of equipment gets where it needs to go — exactly when needed.

Low Observable Aircraft Structural Maintenance – 2A7X5

Low Observable Aircraft Structural Maintenance Specialists use their training in chemistry and physics to advise on structural and low observable repair, modification, and corrosion protection treatment to correct even the smallest of deficiencies.

Maintenance Management Analysis – 2R0X1

Maintenance Management Analysis Specialists are responsible for analyzing man-hours, estimating costs, determining efficiency, and pointing out errors and opportunities for improvement, thus saving more taxpayer dollars in the Air National Guard budget.

Maintenance Management Production – 2R1X1

Maintenance Management Production Specialists plan, schedule and organize maintenance for aircraft, engines, munitions, missiles, space systems, aerospace ground equipment and associated support systems, ensuring all projects are completed on time and on budget.

Material Management – 2S0X1

Material Management Specialists are in charge of obtaining all the supplies and equipment an Air Guard unit could possibly need for any conceivable mission and, finally, getting them into the right hands.

Medical Laboratory – 4T0X1

Looking to start a career in medical research? You can use your keen analytical skills as a Medical Laboratory Specialist. In this role, you’ll test and analyze specimens to aid in diagnosing, treating, and preventing diseases or to support medical research in an Air National Guard medical unit or base hospital. You’ll learn how to complete the processing of blood for transfusions, conduct procedures necessary to identify bacteria, determine antibiotic sensitivity of pathogenic microorganisms, and evaluate blood cells and blood components. Not only will you be working to keep our Airmen safe and healthy, but you’ll also be building an impressive skill set that can transfer to a great civilian career in the medical field.

Medical Material – 4A1X1

Medical Material Specialists prepare and manage medical material records, as well as requesting, receiving, storing, issuing, safeguarding, and accounting for medical supplies and equipment.

Mission Generation Vehicular Equipment Maintenance – 2T3X1

Mission Generation Vehicular Equipment Maintenance Specialists inspect, troubleshoot, and repair a wide variety of heavy and special purpose vehicles and equipment, ensuring they are well maintained and ready to go at a moment’s notice.

Mobility Air Forces Integrated Communication/Navigation/Mission Systems – 2A8X1

Mobility Air Forces Integrated Communication/Navigation/Mission Systems Specialists are trained in testing, troubleshooting, maintaining, and repairing multiple avionics systems, keeping our aircraft ready for any contingency.

Mobility Air Forces Integrated Instrument and Flight Control Systems – 2A8X2

Mobility Air Forces Integrated Instrument and Flight Control Systems Specialists review, analyze, interpret, and correct any deficiency of aircraft flight controls and cockpit instrumentation.

Mobility Combat Systems Officer – 12MX

Mobility Combat Systems Officers master the principles and techniques of all weapons systems, perform surveillance and intelligence, and use these skills to accomplish mobility, training, and other assigned missions.

Mobility Pilot – 11MX

Mobility Pilots transport passengers and many different types of cargo from medical supplies to motor vehicles, making sure all equipment and personnel arrive at the destination ready to assist in mission success.

Munitions & Missile Maintenance Officer – 21MX

Munitions and Missile Maintenance Officers work with weapons systems, including handling high-explosive incendiary rounds, nuclear weapons, and a vast array of bombs — all in a day’s work.

Munitions Systems – 2W0X1

Munitions Systems Specialists work with every kind of weapons systems on a wide variety of aircraft, including high-explosive incendiary rounds, nuclear weapons, and a vast array of bombs and missiles.

Network Operations Officer – 17DX

Network Operations Officers plan, develop, and maintain architectures and standards across air, space, and cyberspace, supporting deployed communications operations anywhere in the world.

Nondestructive Inspection – 2A7X2

Nondestructive Inspection Specialists use X-ray and ultrasound technology to inspect aircraft structures, components and systems. They are expertly trained to recognize signs of internal erosion, monitor exposure areas for radiographic operations, and detect even the smallest defect that could cause an aircraft emergency if not corrected.

Operations Intelligence – 1N0X1

Operations Intelligence Specialists gather and compile intelligence, delivering it to the proper authorities in support of the military’s mission.

Operations Management – 3E6X1

Operations Management Specialists are responsible for establishing command and control centers all over the world, ensuring Air Guard facilities are built and maintained on time and on budget.

Optometrist – 42EX

Optometrists examine, diagnose, treat, and manage diseases and disorders of the eye, as well as diagnose related systemic conditions.

Paralegal – 5J0X1

Paralegals conduct legal research, interview witnesses and victims, draft documents, and process cases. They also provide legal services to clients and legal counsel to commanders.

Pavements & Construction Equipment – 3E2X1

Pavements and Construction Equipment Specialists literally build Air National Guard facilities from the ground up, constructing and maintaining concrete and asphalt roads, airport runways, and aircraft parking aprons.

Personnel – 3S0X1

Personnel Specialists assist base personnel and dependents in maintaining their personnel records, advise them on their career development, and counsel them on a variety of matters that concern them as members of the Air Guard.

Personnel Officer – 38PX

Personnel Officers analyze the distribution of Air Guard resources and manpower, overseeing all human resources needs to ensure that the Air National Guard is always running at peak performance.

Pharmacist – 43PX

Personnel Officers analyze the distribution of Air Guard resources and manpower, overseeing all human resources needs to ensure that the Air National Guard is always running at peak performance.

Photojournalist – 3N0X5

Photojournalists plan, coordinate, and conduct command information, community engagements and media operations communication activities.

Physician Assistant – 42GX

Physician Assistants are privileged health care providers who use critical judgment to perform comprehensive health assessments and differential diagnosis. They also prescribe treatments in direct management of acute and chronic illness, injury, or disease.

Planning and Programming Officer – 16RX

Planning and Programming Officers design plans that incorporate Air Force doctrine and war-fighting capabilities, and analyze the impact of programming decisions.

Public Affairs Officer – 35PX

Planning and Programming Officers design plans that incorporate Air Force doctrine and war-fighting capabilities, and analyze the impact of programming decisions.

Public Health – 4E0X1

Planning and Programming Officers design plans that incorporate Air Force doctrine and war-fighting capabilities, and analyze the impact of programming decisions.

Public Health Officer – 43HX

Pubic Health Officers promote health principles, including monitoring of disease trends, food safety practices, and sanitation levels in public and food service facilities.

Radio Frequency Transmission Systems – 3D1X3

Radio Frequency Transmission Systems Specialists deploy, sustain, troubleshoot, and repair the vast variety of communications devices and systems that are integral to the success of the Air National Guard.

Refuel/Bomber Aircraft Maintenance – 2A5X4

Refuel/Bomber Aircraft Maintenance Specialists keep the fleet of aircraft safe and mission-ready by assessing what needs to be done and by performing and coordinating required maintenance.

Residency Trained Flight Surgeon – 48RX

Residency Trained Flight Surgeons conduct medical examinations, provide medical care for aircrews and missile crews and their families, and participate in training programs for aeromedical personnel.

Safety – 1S0X1

Safety Specialists plan, organize, and direct safety activities for all Airmen and their families to ensure all safety rules and regulations are followed.

Security Forces – 3P0X1

Security Forces Specialists ensure the safety of all base weapons, property and personnel from hostile forces, conduct investigations into any on-base incidents, secure crime scenes, and testify in judicial proceedings.

Security Forces Officer – 31PX

Security Forces Officers work with civilian and military law enforcement agencies at stateside and overseas bases, ensuring the safety of all base weapons, property, and personnel.

Services – 3M0X1

Services Specialists are trained in all aspects of the hospitality industry, learning how to operate and maintain hotels, dining facilities, and fitness centers at military bases worldwide.

Signals Intelligence Analyst – 1N2X1

To assess U.S. vulnerabilities, Signals Intelligence Analysts intercept, identify, and analyze information that travels between foreign militaries.

Space Operations Officer – 13SX

Space Operations Officers operate and manage the world’s most sophisticated space program, including surveillance, space lift, space warning, and satellite command and control.

Space Systems Operations – 1C6X1

Manages or performs duties to develop, sustain, and enhance space capabilities to defend national interests from attack and to create effects in the space domain.

Structural – 3E3X1

Structural Specialists erect and maintain strong frameworks for any kind of building the Air National Guard might need. They could be anything from an improvised emergency disaster relief shelter to a formal Air Guard unit facility.

Tactical Aircraft Maintenance – 2A3X3

Tactical Aircraft Maintenance Specialists make sure the aircraft meets the highest standards because they are responsible for the safety of the aircraft’s pilot and crew.

Tactical Aircraft Maintenance (5TH Generation) – 2A3X7

Tactical Aircraft Maintenance (Fifth Generation) Specialists are the crew chiefs with their names emblazoned on the aircraft they keep in top flying condition.

Traffic Management – 2T0X1

Traffic Management Specialists are responsible for ensuring shipments are ready for transport, inspecting freight for damage, and preparing transportation requests and authorizations for loading and unloading shipments. Anything that leaves or comes into the base must go through the Traffic Management Office.

Vehicle Operations – 2T1X1

Vehicle Operations Specialists operate a wide range of vehicles worldwide, including sedans, buses, utility trucks, and tractor/trailer combinations hauling cargo and personnel.

Water & Fuel Systems Maintenance – 3E4X1

Water and Fuel Systems Maintenance Specialists are responsible for ensuring that an Air Guard unit has clean drinking or potable water, has safe natural gas distribution, and that all wastewater is collected and disposed of in a sanitary manner.

Weather – 1W0X1

Weather Specialists read and interpret weather satellite imagery, climatology reports, computerized weather prediction models and Doppler weather radar imagery. They do this to analyze weather conditions, prepare forecasts, issue weather warnings, and brief weather information to aircrew members and command.

Weather Officer – 15WX

Weather Officers read and interpret weather satellite imagery, climatology reports, computerized weather prediction models, and Doppler radar imagery, thus keeping a constant watch over one of the greatest threats to the safety of our resources.