Equine 808 Horse Rescue

Posted on Sep 15, 2014 in Class 41 - Oahu
Cadet Teren feeding one of the rescue horses

Cadet Teren feeds one of the rescue horses

808 Equine - October 002

Cadets Lewis and Boteilho build up a sweat turning manure.

808 Equine - October 010

The 808 Equine crew. From left to right, Cadets Bautista, Lewis, Pitre, Tongomi, Montgomery, Boteilho, Dereaskderson & Hattori. Mr. Cronin the YCA Program Coordinator and Diane, the 808 Equine manager are in the back row.

808 Equine - October 004

Cadets Dereaskderson & Montgomery put a fresh coat of paint on the corral fence.

808 Equine - October 009

Cadet Hattori loads the feed buckets with this evening’s meal.

Equine 808

Removing Pili grass from a new pasture.

Equine 808

Cadets Boteilho & Pitre, from class 41 work hard at Equine 808 horse rescue facility to clear a pasture on the south side.

Equine 808

Cadets Boteilho & Pitre try to make friends with one of the rescue horses