Mentor Monthly Report



Your Monthly Report enables us to support you better; further, ensures your Graduate becomes PRODUCTIVE, RESPONSIBLE, and SUCCESSFUL!.

Send your Mentor Report in every month by the 25th.

The submission code is the word  “hingyca”.

you may download Monthly Mentor Report here: revised-mentor-assessment

For Hawaii Campus – Hilo Mentors, please download Hilo Mentor report below:

Download Hilo Monthly Report

Any questions, you many contact our Team Mentor Coordinators:

Oahu Campus – Kalaeloa, Kapolei
Mrs. Margaret Tatum     808 685 7132  [email protected]
Ms. Gail Fujimoto          808 685 7133  [email protected]

Hawaii Campus –  Hilo
Ms. Stacy Atiz                Office: 808 369 0955   Cell: 808 896 8228 [email protected]