Assistance is the process of receiving, inquiring into, and responding to an Inspector General Action Request (IGAR)… requests can be for Help or Information or to file Complaints.

The IG also assists by helping Commanders correct injustices, eliminating conditions detrimental to the efficiency or reputation of the Hawaii National Guard, recording and analyzing data for corrective action and reporting on the status of the Hawaii National Guard.


An Inspection is an evaluation that measures performance against a standard and should identify the cause of any deviation. All inspections start with compliance against a standard. (A standard is the way things should be)

The IG inspects to provide feedback to Commanders to that they can make decisions to improve the command, proactively resolve issues that affect unit readiness and warfighting capability, promote and reinforce good performance and best practices, and to underscore leadership priorities.


An IG Investigation is a fact-finding examination into allegations, issues, or adverse conditions to provide the TAG with a sound basis for decision and actions.

IG investigations are:

Fair and impartial – the IG is not an adversary or a champion and does not recommend adverse action.

Concerned with confidentiality – the IG limits distribution of information, is overt but discreet, and protects all individuals from reprisal / ridicule, including the accused.

Teach and Train

Teaching and Training is both an embedded function and an independent function.

Throughout all of the other 3 IG functions, the IG teaches and trains complainants, units and commanders.

As an independent function the IG conducts local company commander and 1SG courses, Officer and NCO Professional Development Programs, Newcomer / in-processing briefings, Post change-of-command office calls, Pre-command courses, Local and unit newsletters and Theater orientation programs.