Contact the IG

This website is the IG for the Hawaii National Guard. The State of Hawaii Department of Defense is not “BIG” DoD.

If you are not in the Hawaii National Guard or a State of Hawaii Dept. of Defense employee, this is not the site to generate a report or start an inquiry.

If you need to speak to an IG, and you are NOT in the Hawaii National Guard, see the links below: 

For Active Duty Army:

For Active Duty Air Force:

For Active Duty Marines:

For National Guard, other than Hawaii, the National Guard Bureau IG:

If you are in the Hawaii National Guard (HING), see the contact info below: 

Command Inspector General

Vacant at this time

Hawaii Army National Guard inquiries only

Hawaii Army National Guard

LTC Shawn Naito, Work phone: (808) 672-1279, Mobile phone:  (808) 829-1330, Email:  [email protected]

Hawaii Air National Guard inquiries only

154th Wing Inspector General

Dana Fisher COMM: (808) 789-0409, DSN: (315) 447-0409, Email:  [email protected]

If you are a State of Hawaii, Dept of Defense employee and you want to report an equal opportunity violation. Please contact:

State Equal Employment Manager

Deborah Gier, Work phone: (808) 672-1303, Email: [email protected]