Environmental Office Missions and Goals


The mission of the Environmental Office is to provide policy, technical assistance and guidance on issues governing the Army’s pillars of Environmental stewardship. The staff supports Hawaii Army National Guard’s challenge of providing realistic military training to Guard members on five Hawaiian Islands by implementing training, compliance, conservation, pollution prevention and awareness programs to minimize the impacts of training on the environment, and by complying with regulations to ensure that environmental protection is an integral part of the Guard’s decision-making process.



Continue endangered species recovery, native species protection and propagation, alien and invasive species control and eradication, pest management, cultural resources protection and enhancement, and awareness training of Hawaii’s youth, members of the Guard and the public.


Continue to monitor for regulatory compliance and implement pollution prevention initiatives, affirmative procurement “green purchasing” actions and waste stream diversions.  Training and implementation of the Affirmative Procurement Plan has been instituted as well as significant clean-up projects throughout the state. Continual monitoring has been programmed to sustain and enhance compliance level. Efforts are being made towards the integration of new pollution prevention methods. Training is ongoing. While remediation of one training site has been completed, the process continues on the remaining sites.

Land Management

Measurable progress has been made in the areas of invasive species eradication, while introducing native plant species and continuing to protect and recover endangered species. We continue to conduct awareness training via events such as National Public Lands Day, Earth Day and by working directly with Hawaii’s youth. Ongoing projects to sustain and enhance our valuable training lands have increased this past year.

Moving from environmental compliance to sustainability

The environmental office continues to implement policies and practices that safeguard the environment and quality of life. The strategy is to sustain resources (land, air, water and materials) to secure the future.

While continuing previous goals, the environmental office will enhance training of Soldiers, members of the Department of Defense, and our neighbors by integrating sustainability into all activities using the ISO 14001, (Environmental Management Systems).
  • Foster an ethic that takes us beyond environmental compliance to sustainability.
  • Strengthen operations by employing sustainable practices such as water conversation, fuel, and energy efficiency.
  • Training land management by maintaining the resiliency and buffering needed to protect the environment and surrounding communities from the impacts of training.
  • Continue to favor environmentally sustainable products to reduce the introduction of pollutants and sustain our natural resources for Soldiers, their families, the workforce and our neighbors.
  • Celebrate heritage through responsible management of cultural resources and historic preservation.
  • Continue to seek tools and solutions that improve efficiency and reduce cost while protecting our environment.