untitledIt’s HIARNG’s goal to reduce the discharge of pollutants to and from our stormwater drainage system to protect water quality in Hawaii. HIARNG understands that stormwater pollutants can threaten wildlife and damage coral reef ecosystem which is why we incorporate Best Management Practices (BMP’s) into all our work and training routines to prevent contamination of stormwater.

HIARNG’s Oahu facilities are regulated by National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) Permit No. HI S000052 which prohibits us from discharging anything but pure stormwater to our drainage system.

To learn more about HIARNG’s storm water program please review our  2016 Storm Water Management Plan.

All HIARNG staff and contractors involved with construction, repair, or maintenance activities on HIARNG installations must comply with the HIARNG’s  Storm Water Best Management Practices Manual and receive the BMP Manual Training at least annually or before the start of a project.

Please feel free to contact our office with questions and concerns at (808) 672-1013.