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Hawaii National Guard Counterdrug (CD) personnel brought nearly 20 coalitions to Counterdrug Headquarters in Honolulu June 8 to discuss the future of the Kokua Ohana Aloha (KOA) program, a Counterdrug program, designed to give first-time status offenders a second chance to make better decisions. A representative from the Attorney General’s office presented statistics on the ...
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The “Magic Table” 

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  HONOLULU – Fluorescent lights hang above; though they appear to be on, the room seems eerily dark. A table, chairs and three computer monitors hanging from the ceiling along the wall are all that occupy the massive room. Two men and a woman stare at a 6 X 8 foot touch screen table. Each ...
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  OAHU, Hawaii – Thousands of miles from the sports car racing hotbed of the southern United States, sixth grade students at Aiea Elementary School in Hawaii, are learning the rudiments of effective racing. However, rather than using these skills to drive a car, the lessons are intended to help youth drive their lives and ...
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