Big Island Veterans Day Parade Week Update and News to Share

Posted on Nov 10, 2020 in Events, News, News Release, Press Releases
A Humble Thanks to everyone who made it possible to put together this year’s virtual parade. 
Now would each of you find ways to widely share these videos to thank our Veterans and Celebrate Service in our community? We have a lot of options to share messages that people learn about during our parade. This time, some were able to join us who normally can’t attend the parade. Not sure if anyone noticed, but parade day it poured rain all day for the first time in 6 years!
Our parade website is
2020 Hawaii Island Virtual Veterans Day Parade Video Released 10am 7 Nov 2020 (that was when we always started our annual parade) – the Saturday before the 11th so as not to interfere with the other events below. This video is a great way to thank a Veteran. SHARE SHARE SHARE
P.S. – Also let’s find ways to encourage women veterans and their families to sign up at the Military Women’s Memorial. They just launched a new online registration system with a goal to have every woman veteran’s story registered (Herstory vs History) dead or alive. So families who want to honor their Veterans can support it. Refer to the slides at the end of this email.
Terry Bradshaw Video (included in the HIVDP video above) Thanking our parade committee and all Veterans. Share widely with every veteran you know.
(1 min)
2020 Past Hawai’i Island Veterans Day Parade Photo Montage – This video is filled with 100+ images of most of you from past parades and set to the music by John Keawe – Grammy award and multi Na Hoku Hanohano winner and Hawaii Island resident. Enjoy!
Hawai’i Tribune -Herald article link