Phase 2, CA-202203-C1, Lead and Asbestos Remediation and Flooring Replacements, Birkhimer EOC, State of Hawaii, Department of Defense, Hawaii Emergency Management Agency

Posted on Mar 29, 2022 in Awards, Bids, Closed Bids

1 – Notice to Bidders

2 – Offer Form

3 – Bid Documents

4 – Drawings

A1-Addendum #1

A1- Addendum #1-Letter Report

Pre-Bid Attendance Sheet

A2-Addendum #2

A2-1-Notice to Bidders_R1

A2- 2-Offer Form_R1

A2-3-Bid Documents_R1

Abstract Bid Sheet CA-202203-C1

CA-202203-C1 – Award Letter -signed