Polypropylene Burial Vaults for Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery, Kaneohe, State of Hawaii, Department of Defense Office of Veterans Services Job No. CA-202411-G

Posted on Apr 12, 2024 in Closed Bids

1-Bid Packet CA-202411-G
1.a-Notice to Bidders CA-202411-G
1.b-Offer Form CA-202411-G

Proposed work consists of, but not limited to the following: Delivery of polypropylene burial vaults. Vaults must meet all specifications listed in the bidding documents and include delivery to the Hawaii State Veterans Cemetery in Kaneohe, Hawaii. Estimated number of vaults to be ordered will be 428 standard and 15 oversized units.
Please download the bid packet for more information.

2-CA-202411-G Bid Abstract_

3-CA-202411-G Award Ltr.