Posted on Oct 9, 2023 in Main

PAO Responsibilities

Comms support for TAG (media engagements, public briefs/speeches, content creation…)

Providing internal or external communication campaigns for the HIDOD divisions

Producing products in support of HIDOD Divisions (photography, video, social media and graphics)

Publishing the HIDOD annual report and the HIDOD Pūpūkahi quarterly newsletter

Administering the Department’s Social Media Plan (creating content, managing platforms, providing training and guidance, and actively providing feedback to public and leaders)

Planning and executing a Community Relations program (DoD, NGB, USINDOPACOM, HING, State, Heritage and Cultural Months)

Maintaining over 15 websites under the HIDOD Domain-

Media Relations- response, releases and engagement opportunities

Coordination with entertainment media / clearances (TV/Film Production with HIENG, FMO and JOCHI)

Expertise in Crisis Communications- JIC Operations

Multimedia Support- live events, command videos, podcasts

Assist with historical support- Archive, Historical Displays, Research

Support HING/HIDOD Exercises

News Media Training

PA Training, Best practices, TTPs, Lessons Learned, Case Studies


Maintain and Publish the HIDOD Directory, Internal document

Main HIDOD phone line for the public to call.