Public Affairs Guidance- Guam JRSOI

Posted on May 26, 2023 in JRSOI, Main, PAG

Public Affairs Guidance- Guam JRSOI

When cleared by Incident Command/Task Force Leadership or designated Public Affairs Officer (could be military or civilian) and your HING Chain of Command, you may engage with the media. When cleared, exercise the following tips: Follow all protocol and policy of local unit/PAO.

Ask for these documents, FRAGOS or policy.

You have the choice whether to speak to the media.  If you do, please notify your chain of command and the local PAO Lead.

This Guam mission is sensitive because of the number of community members affected by the typhoon. Please be aware of the community and what just occured.

Perception is all that is needed to form an opinion. HING Soldiers and Airmen should be  on their best behavior while being transported there, at the housing area, in public view on mission, off-duty hours. You are there for one mission, let your actions speak that concept.

Every media engagement must be prepared for and reported to higher. Good or bad. Please consult with PAO if interview is requested and you want assistance.

Tell the media what the mission of the HING is. It could be: “We are here to support the Guam National Guard and the communities here that were affected by the typhoon.”

Use the media opportunity to tell the HING story.  Be positive – send a positive message!

DOs AND DON’Ts (when getting interviewed)

  • DO engage with the public. Let them know what the HING is doing. Talk story.
  • DO discuss only matters of which you have direct knowledge. If you don’t know the answer to a question, you can say “I don’t know.”
  • DO be polite, but firm in dealing with the media.
  • DO Maintain a professional attitude during interviews; remain in control even when the media seems aggressive, or questions seem silly.
  • DO take your time. Questions need not be answered instantly
  • DO inform PAO immediately of the following:  Bad news/embarrassing incidents, Rumors that might damage morale
  • DO NOT conduct interview if if interferes with mission.
  • DO NOT confiscate materials or equipment from verified & credentialed media
  • DO NOT talk to the media when an accident occurs. Refer to the PAO.
  • DO NOT discuss rules of engagement, weapons, unit strengths, location or disposition of troops.
  • DO NOT discuss political or foreign policy matters.
  • DO NOT lie to the media.
  • DO NOT make “off the record” statements or answer “what if” questions.