Class 20 Hilo

The Pushup

Form up for the next exercise.

Line up for the run to start.

That was a long run.

Mayoral candidate Mr. Roth speaks to Cadets.

A health bee colony.

Busy little buggers.

Ready to plant.

Little keikis.

Rake it out flat.

Getting the ground level.

A quarter of the wall is up

The opposite side wall

Finish Product. 1 more to go.


Safety Geared up.

Hilo Class 15

Inprocessing Females

Graduates Helping with Inprocessing

First Haircut

Receiving Cadre Instruction

Organizing donations for Puna Lava relief

More donations arriving for Puna Lava relief

Coolers for the displaced people of Puna

Hoe Hana Gang at Aloha Aina University

Frolicking through the forest

Taro Patch at the Aina U!

Weeding the patch


Presentation from Hokulea Crewmember

Mrs. Lewis and the Cadets

Cadets try their hand at steering the canoe

Cadets galore

I’m just hanging out

Group Picture

Learning about Hokulea.