Hawaii Partners with Pacific Neighbor to Increase their Disaster Preparedness 

Hawaii National Guard search and rescue experts are sharing from their wealth of knowledge of interagency operations, and the latest in rescue techniques as a part of the state partner ship program with the Philippines. The unique civil-military nature of the National Guard allows for active participation in a wide range of security cooperation activities including emergency management and disaster response. The Hawaii Guardsmen are honing their skills while sharing their experiences during the exchange. The goal of the partnership is to improve military and civilian interoperability, while increasing the capabilities of partner nation to protect its citizens. Includes sound bites from Maj. Manuel Carlos, Maj. William Flynn, SFC Jason Kaaiakamanu. Available in high definition.

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Royal Guard 49th Anniversary

Nov 16 2012, Members of Hawaii’s Royal Guard celebrated 49 years of existence at the state capital by re-enacting the posting of the Guard. The Royal Guard consists of members of Hawaii’s Air National Guard and, was reestablished on November 16 1963 By Colonel Walter Judd. Their mandate is to protect the Historical ties of the Hawaii National Guard to King Kalakaua’s Royal Guard, and to serve the community as Hawaii’s Honor Guard. Available in high definition.

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