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Hawaii’s Summer Youth Cybersecurity Programs

As summer is just around the corner, parents are scurrying to get their kids enrolled in meaningful yet affordable summer programs. As the importance of cybersecurity continues to grow, one smart option is to sign them up for one or more of the weeklong cybersecurity programs being offered this summer for middle and high school students.

Why cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity professionals today are in high-demand and command high salaries. The International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, or more commonly referred to as (ISC)2 recently released their 2018 Cybersecurity Workforce Study. Findings from this report highlight the following:
– The averages salary of professionals doing cybersecurity-related tasks is $88,000
– There are ~498,000 (~2.93M globally) more cybersecurity-related jobs than skilled workers today
– 68% of these professionals rate their job satisfaction as “somewhat to very satisfied”

In summary, cybersecurity professionals receive HIGH PAY, HIGH DEMAND and HIGH SATISFACTION—that’s why!

For this summer, there are three cybersecurity programs being offered that will get our children involved and inspire them to consider pursuing a career in cybersecurity. These free programs include CyberCamps, GenCyber, and Hacker Highschool.

CyberCamps are summer camps designed to prepare students to compete in the CyberPatriot National Youth Cyber Defense Competition that many of Hawaii’s middle and high schools already participate in during the school year. These camps, developed by the Air Force Association, teach the basics of cyber ethics, computer systems, Windows, Ubuntu Linux, and computer networking—topics that can get anyone a great job today. Last year, over 100 Hawaii teams competed in CyberPatriot with over 6,500 teams competing nationally. CyberCamps run four hours a day for one week for 20 hours total and run June 10 thru August 9. Camps are free and sponsored by (ISC)2 Hawaii Chapter, Cyber Hui, and volunteers from Hawaii’s cybersecurity community.

Hawaii’s GenCyber summer program provides camp experiences for both middle and high school students with the goals to increase interest in cybersecurity careers and build diversity in the cybersecurity workforce, assist students to understand correct and safe on-line behavior, and to be good digital citizens. These camps are one week long, run eight hours a day and are scheduled for all major islands and Molokai. GenCyber camps are open to students statewide at no cost and funding jointly by the National Security Agency and the National Science Foundation. There are six GenCyber camps scheduled for this summer. NOTE: GenCyber camps are still awaiting funding approval as of this writing. Latest updates can be found HERE.

Hacker Highschool
Hacker Highschool is a cybersecurity course that provides textbook-based instruction for high school students who have previously demonstrated a high degree of understanding in the field of cybersecurity. This course is for high school students that are highly engaged in cybersecurity (e.g., CyberPatriot and GenCyber) and will include guest speakers from industry that will cover trending cybersecurity threats, forensics and other advanced topics. This course is free and sponsored by (ISC)2 Hawaii Chapter, Cyber Hui, and volunteers from Hawaii’s cybersecurity community. This course is currently only being offered on Oahu as of this writing. Get the latest course updates HERE.

These three cybersecurity programs provide an exceptional opportunity to introduce and inspire our youth in a career field that has such high demand and tremendous promise. With so much counting on having a strong cybersecurity posture today and in the future, students attending these programs may one day contribute greatly to the security posture of both the State of Hawaii and our nation. Please go to the State Community Cyber Safety website at for the latest updates for the above programs.


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