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NCSA – 2020 Winter Cyber Games – CyberXL

December 21 - January 3  Time TBD
Sponsored by The National Cybersecurity Student Association
The National Cybersecurity Student Association will be hosting 2020 Winter Cyber Games during December 2020 – January 2021 that will include two cybersecurity events: CyberXL and the Secure Coding Challenge. CyberXL includes two cybersecurity challenges offered during December 21st and January 3rd---one challenge each week. To assist participants, a hint will be offered on Wednesday and Friday via their social media accounts. Secure Coding Challenge will require looking for flags embedded in source code (aka white-box code review) of web servers mostly6 written iusing Java, PHP, and Phython during January 4th – 31st. There will be five challenge offered each week for four weeks for a total of 20 challenges. The challenges target beginners but do require basic coding knowledge. Please note that while all are invited to participate, only National Cybersecurity Student Association members are eligible to win prizes. Read More and Register
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