Technician Resignation Process

Voluntary Separation from the Technician Program should be done as soon as possible via a written notice to your supervisor.

Accepting a commission, changing your military position, or moving to another military unit, may all be considered voluntary actions that might result in your separation. (Reference: National Guard Technician Handbook 2017, Chapter 19 Voluntary Separation from the Technician Program)

If you are leaving this agency or retiring, go to eOPF and download all of your documents before resigning from your current position so that you can keep a copy for your reference.


  1. Submit a resignation letter to your supervisor stating the reason for leaving and effective date of resignation. (Example Resignation letter)
  2. Your supervisor will submit a SF51 Request for Personnel Action (RPA) through DCPDS.
  3. HRO will receive the SF52 and process the resignation through DCPDS.
  4. Make sure you turn in all applicable forms to HRO to cancel or transfer your FEHB, FEGLI, TSP, and other federal benefits.

*** If all forms and not properly filled out and turned in to HRO in a timely manner, it could create a debt that you will have to pay.***