Government Shutdown


Government Shutdown – General Information

DCPAS FY 2019 Shutdown Furlough FAQs, UPDATED 25 November 2019

DCPAS Furlough Implementation Guidance

Excepted Employee Status T32 and T5 UPDATED 18 December 2020

OPM Website Furlough Guidance

NGB Guidance for Furloughs

US Merit Systems Protection Board e-filing Brochure

US Merit Systems Protection Board – Form 185

US Merit Systems Protection Board – FAQ on MSPB e-Appeal Homepage

US Merit Systems Protection Board – Information Sheet No. 12 – Furloughs


Employee Benefits and Instructions during a Government Shutdown

Shutdown Activites

Technician Employee Checklist

Supervisor Checklist


Employee Information and Instructions during Government Shutdown

TSP Government Shutdown + TSPFS 4 – Effect of Nonpay Status on Your TSP Account (1/2018)

Updated ATAAPS Code Guidance during Furlough Period (20-22 JAN 2018) for HING Ting and Attendance (23 JAN 18)

Unemployment Information and Sample Letters for Creditors

Unemployment Information (UI)

Information For Federal Agencies – Unemployment Compensation For Federal Employees (UCFE)

Shut-down of Federal Operations — Am I eligible for Unemployment Benefits?

SF 8 – Unemployment Compensation – 422 (ARMY – Military Technician)

SF 8 – Unemployment Compensation – 420 (ARMY – Civilian)

SF 8 – Unemployment Compensation – 424 (AIR – Military Technician)

SF 8 – Unemployment Compensation – 428 (AIR – Civilian)

Sample Letters for Creditors, Mortgage Companies and Landlords