Furlough Resources

2018 Government Shutdown

Furlough Message from the HRO

Furlough Message from the HRO – END OF FURLOUGH.docx

As part of our effort to provide furlough related information to Hawaii National Guard employees, this page provides guidance and answers to frequently asked questions.

2013 DOD Shutdown Furlough FAQs (Update 09-Oct-2013)

Pay and Leave During a Shutdown Furlough 10-08-13 Final v2

Actions to Implement an Orderly Shutdown (Non-Excepted Employees)-FINAL

NGB Treatment of Excess Furlough Hours

19 Sep ASD Memo Excess Furlough

6 Aug OSD Furlough Redux Memo

TAG’S Memo, 22 Feb 2013, subject: HING Furlough Discussion

NGB Guidance for Administrative Furlough (April 12, 2013)

Furlough Guidance for Timekeepers – 24 Jun 2013

HIARNG, HQ HIANG & HRO – 5-8 Furlough (24 Jun 2013)

109 AOG 5-4-9 Furlough (24 Jun 2013) – includes 201 CCG, 291 CBCS & 292 CBCS

154 Wing – A – 5-4-9 Furlough (24 Jun 2013)

154 Wing – B – 5-4-9 Furlough (24 Jun 2013)

Additional Resources

2013 Furlough Workshop – “TSP and Insurance Benefits” Slides

OPM Guidance to Administrative Furlough  (June 10, 2013)

OPM Pay & Leave – Administrative Furlough Guidance

OPM Pay & Leave – Fact Sheet: Effect of Extended LWOP on Federal Benefits & Programs

TSP Fact Sheet 13-7 – Sequestration and Your TSP Account

TSP Fact Sheet 11-5 – Impact of a Federal Government Shutdown on the Thrift Savings Plan


UCFE – Frequently Asked Questions

Hawaii Unemployment Information

IF you are furloughed and elect to file an unemployment claim, you will need to take the applicable SF-8 with you. The SF-8 forms are provided below:

Furlough Calculators

The links below will allow you to calculate how a furlough will impact your take-home pay. Please note that you will be required to input your pay information, so it will be a good idea to have a copy of your Civilian Leave and Earnings Statement handy. This is NOT an exact science and is provided ONLY as a planning tool.