HING FTNGD (ADOS) JVA FY2019-01, Intelligence Analysis Support (Counterdrug). Closes: 10 June 2020

Posted on Jun 13, 2019 in AGR-Job-listing, Other-Job-Listing

HING FTNGD (ADOS) JVA FY2019-01, 1-year continuous recruitment, Intelligence Analysis Support, Counterdrug Office, Honolulu, Hawaii.

Open to Present, Enlisted Service members of the Hawaii Army/Air National Guard in the grade of E5-E6. Certain MOS/AFSC are preferred but not required. Please inquire with Counterdrug Coordinator CPT Brian Kwak for more information at 808-672-1520.   See attached JVA for more details.

FTNGD (ADOS) JVA FY2019-01 lntel Analyst Support, Counterdrug