Nuclear threat

Question: Where can I learn more about nuclear blast?   Answer: Please visit FEMA’s website: for more information.  

Question: I heard there will be a second siren tone. When is that happening?   Answer: We’re looking at testing the second siren (attack signal) in December 2017. We will be issuing press releases, media advisory, using our social media and website to help us spread the word.

Question: How long will it take for a North Korean missile to reach Hawaii?   Answer: North Korean missile will reach Hawaii approximately 20 minutes. With such a short warning time, the state’s advice is “get inside, stay inside, and stay tuned” for radio instructions. After U.S. Pacific Command warns Hawaii Emergency Management that a missile ...
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Question: How the state plans to deal with drivers on roads and highways in the event of an attack?   Answer: Get out of the car immediately and seek shelter or lie flat on the ground.  

Question: Why don’t we have fallout shelters for our citizens? Answer: Oahu as late as the 1990s had hundreds of designated shelters, some with medical supplies and food. As the Cold War died, as the Iron Curtain came down, the Soviet Union turned into Russia and there was no threat anymore, the funding ran out.